Third-Person MOBA Games That are Definitely Worth the Spotlight

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Always have been a fan of RPG or FPS games but would like to try playing MOBA? Well, fret no more, because game developers have figured this out and started putting FPS and RPG-like elements to MOBA games, putting more action elements to attract more players. Interested? Here are three third-person MOBA games that are starting to make some noise in the industry. Let’s check out:


Smite was first released in 2014 and caught much attention when it was introduced as a MOBA game in a third-person perspective. Aside from its unique gameplay, it was also praised for featuring mythical gods and goddesses as its heroes or champions. Each of these mythical figures possessed abilities the players must optimize and use to their advantage to win the game. Similar to other MOBA games, it has multiple PVP modes. It is so popular that it has spawned numerous tournaments including the annual Smite World Championship.


Paragon is Epic Games’ first MOBA game created with Unreal Engine 4. The game features a map that is asymmetrical but with bases similar to other MOBA maps which are located at the two opposite ends of a map. It has the same mechanics of other MOBA games but gained attention due to its realistic and RPG-like graphics. According to the game’s executive producer John Wasilczyk, one of their goals in creating Paragon is to introduce action elements into the genre. Thus, it features gameplay similar to a third-person shooter, and in-game characters which possess mobility skills.


Gigantic is a MOBA game developed by Motiga, an independent game studio. The game features a team-based action combat in a third-person perspective with heroes fighting alongside massive guardian. Players must also protect their team’s Guardian along with their team. Each match is consists of two teams of five players along with a magical behemoth known as a Guardian. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing team and their guardians.


These three unique and impressive MOBA games are all free-to-play for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops. So what are you waiting for? Download them now.

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