10 Words That Only MOBA Players Understand

GG Easy
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MOBA games are all the rage these past years with Dota 2 and League of Legends leading. There are also Smite, Paragon, and Heroes of Newerth. What I love about MOBA games is that stepping into it is like entering a different world with its unique gameplay and vocabulary. New words will fly out nowhere and confuse you, but if ever you find yourself in that situation, just check out this guide.

Here are 10 of the most used MOBA terms:


Lanes are the primary paths found in the match, and where minions follow the course of the game. These lanes are defended by turrets, a defensive tower that blocks the enemy team’s minion of waves. Lanes are also the paths that will lead you to your enemy’s nexus, the core tower that you will need to destroy to win the game.


CS or Creep Score refers to the count of the number of creeps your champion or hero have killed in the match. Most marksmen champion or long-range damage dealers are required to be good at last-hitting to acquire a high CS score.


Jungler is the member of the team that is responsible for killing units or creeps in the jungle, unlike the rest who stays in the lanes most of the game. Jungler is also known as farmers and must excel in understanding the game’s map and utilize it to his team’s advantage.


ADC also was known as Attack Damage Carry mostly refers to champion or heroes that can deliver high amounts of attack damage as the game progresses. Most of these champions or heroes are long-range attackers and must acquire necessary items to deal most of the damage.


Tanky is a word that refers to champions or heroes that are durable, often initiating team fights and acting us the frontline champion or hero. Most tanks are difficult to kill, thanks to their high health status.


Gank or ganking is an ambush, usually initiated by the team’s jungler or farmer. This involves many allies attacking an unsuspecting enemy. A jungler can start this by hiding in the brush or jungle then charging into battle when the enemy least expected it.


Farming refers to the act of killing multiple minions or creeps to gain gold. Doing such thing allows the gamer to purchase better items, making their champion or hero stronger as the game progresses. This is very vital to damage dealers and carries.


Minions are the small units aligned with one of the team, fighting each other and helping champions or heroes push the lane. They spawn periodically from the nexus and advance along a lane towards the enemy team’s nexus.


Feed is a word often used when one of the team members gets repeatedly killed, supplying the enemy team with the gold they need to build powerful items. Such an act lessens your team’s chance to win the match.


Last but not the least is GG which refers to “good game.” Although it is supposed to be a way to show humility in defeat or victory, most players now use it to imply that they are quitting or have lost hope to win the battle. If the words come from an enemy, it means that they are claiming their victory.


Now that you know these words, you can now enter the world of MOBA gaming with confidence! Most MOBA games are also free to download on PCs and gaming laptops, so I definitely suggest that you try one out.

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