Remaking a Classic with StarCraft: Remastered

Terran Marines from StarCraft

The news about StarCraft: Remastered has been out for quite some time now; the game is slated to be released sometime in the summer. The original StarCraft and the Brood War expansion were two of the most popular video games ever. And 20 years after its release, and even with StarCraft II, the original still has something of a cult following.

StarCraft II’s popularity has been on a steady decline lately, and with StarCraft: Remastered, it looks like Brood War is going to take center stage once again. Here’s what you can expect if you’re planning to get hooked on the original game on the best gaming laptop, here’s what you can expect from Blizzard:

Going Back to the Classic

Protoss vs Terran in StarCraft game

For one reason or another, StarCraft II isn’t as popular in the esports scene as its predecessor. With the resurgence of the StarCraft: Brood War in South Korea, old and new players are discovering (or rediscovering) the balance and familiarity that the game was able to provide.

The balance in gameplay is one of the reasons StarCraft became the success it is. There is no one superior race among the three that you can choose from, and years of Brood War meta pro games have shown that to be true. With a metagame that continues evolve 19 years after the initial release, just speaks of the longevity of Brood War.

The 1.18 Patch

The latest patch to come out since 2009, 1.18 doesn’t just make some adjustments, it fixes two game-changing bugs. Keybind options, favorite map options, UI adjustments, observer mode, and Fish ladder support for competitive play are some of the quality of life changes to expect.

Regarding bug fixes, you can expect changes to the metagame and more difficulty in play for Zerg players.

First, Valkyries will no longer stop firing when there are too many units on the screen since modern machines will have no more difficulty. The second change is for the Protoss Dragoon. The Dragoon will no longer freeze and require a stop order so they can take new orders, making the Dragoon unit so much easier to use.

Free-to-Play Standard and the Paid Remaster

Difference between SD and HD graphics

The standard StarCraft: Brood War is now completely free-to-play together with the 1.18 patch. The Remastered edition will be an optional additional purchase that will be made available this summer. With the release of the Remastered version will come the matchmaking in multiplayer.

Remastered will have cleaned up sprites while the game will remain relatively the same to utilize the same engine that provides the legendary balance we’ve come to know the game for.

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