4 Fan-Made Remakes That Made The Original Game Better

Screenshot of Skywind
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Hardcore games are indeed a league unto their own. They kick ass in multiplayer, they’ve finished the most challenging games like Dark Souls easily, and they also make your favorite games a whole lot better. Some of our classic favorites like Goldeneye or Half-Life needed a boost, so these hardcore gamers took it upon themselves to make the improvements we’ve always wanted. Here are fan-made remakes that made original games a whole lot better:


Skywind gameplay screenshot.
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Despite Skyrim’s popularity, Morrowind continues to be one of Bethesda’s best game world. Some players still play Morrowind for fun today, but if ever you had any qualms about this game now, it’s that the graphics and gameplay system has not aged well.  Fans of the third Elder Scrolls game saw this as an opportunity to take matters into their own hands, and voila, Skywind was born. Using the visuals and gameplay of Skyrim, modders created a total conversion of Morrowind to make the HD overhaul we’ve all been waiting for. Although it’s still a work in progress, there’s a lot to be hopeful for.


Doom the Roguelike Menu.
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Over the years, fans of Doom have created and released many mods. With the additional of more blood and gore, updated graphics, and an assortment of finishing maneuvers, each mod made their mark on improving the game. However, there is a mod that stood out because it completely changed everything and it’s DoomRL. Why is it called that? Because DoomRL changes the game from an FPS to a roguelike RPG style. DoomRL is a turn-based RPG that makes the goal of the game survive as long as possible. No level is the same with its randomly generated environments, and random monster spawns.


Transport Tycoon Deluxe Clone OpenTTD Gets Major Update
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Transport Tycoon is a cult classic for gamers. Back in 1994, this is what gamers binged on, with the game in a cycle of build transport and profit. Instead of cashing in on what could’ve been one of the most lucrative simulation franchises ever made, the developers opted to pursue other titles like Rollercoaster and Railroad Tycoon. But the fans of the original Tycoon persevered and came up with OpenTTD. Since 2003, developers have been working from the ground up to revamp graphics, add online multiplayer, and new sounds. The improved AI is now more self-aware. OpenTTD plays on different operating systems which allows more players to experience the joy.

GoldenEye: Source

GoldenEye Source Gameplay Screenshot 3
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Did you like Goldeneye? Of course, you did. It was a landmark in first-person shooters, but the years just made the graphics look meh. Although a remake came out in 2010, Half-Life modders have come and decided to make a Goldeneye remake on their own using the Valve’s Source engine. This remake focuses completely on Goldeneye’s fantastic multiplayer. With its updated graphics, physics engine, and smoother framerate, these modders took it Goldeneye to the next level. As a bonus, they even added Daniel Craig as a playable character.

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