6 PC Games You Can Play to Relax

Eurotruck Simulator 2 Game Play Screenshot.
Source: uploadvr.com

When life makes you stressed, a little R&R is what you need. For gamers, that means hours in front of the best gaming laptop to get that much-needed break. If you’re looking for games that won’t make you scratch your head looking for hidden quest items or put you in brutal competitive combat, here are six you can try:


Firewatch gameplay screenshot.
Source: firewatchgame.com

To be fair, some moments in Firewatch will make you scared and sad, but in between those stress-inducing moments are the hours and hours of peaceful hiking through the forest. As Henry, you explore the woods with just a map and compass to get around. You have to converse with Delilah which makes the overall experience a relaxing one. If you want to immerse in the world further, disable the marker that tells you where you are on the map.

Take On Mars

Take on Mars gameplay.
Source: www.vg247.com

This is a slow-paced simulator that lets you explore the surface of Mars with various kinds of rovers and landers. Missions include collecting and examining soil samples, but it’s that feeling of being really far away that lets you the stress just go away.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky screenshot of landing.
Source: galacticobserver.com

A lot of brutal things have been said of No Man’s Sky, but here, let’s just talk about the positives for a minute. Crafting and material harvesting lay in the heart of this game. Hopping from system to system and checking random planets on your spaceship actually sounds pretty relaxing.

Universe Sandbox 2

Universe Sandbox 2 Melting Earth And Moon
Source: universesandbox.com

Universe Sandbox 2 is a physics simulation based on the universe. You can view models of our Solar System, different galaxies, planets in orbit, or if you prefer, you can turn into a vindictive god lashing out at each planet and putting the universe into disarray by say, throwing the Earth into the Sun. How’s that for stress relieving?

The Golf Club

Screenshot of the Golf Club.
Source: thegolfclubgame.com

Now golf isn’t exactly a mainstream sport that’s popular with the kids, but hear us out when we say you should give the Golf Club a try. While real golf is a game for the upper crust people, the Golf Club video game is one of the best golf simulators to come out in years. It gives you that nice relaxing feeling of knocking balls with a club in a backdrop of greenery. You better make sure you work on your putting, though.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Screenshot of Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
Source: youtube.com/RandomLemonsBlog

Now we have the best for last. Is this a fun game? Probably not, some may say boring, but others say it’s really relaxing. Driving through the highways of Europe from hours on end delivering goods from Point A to Point B may not sound as thrilling, but we urge you to try it out first, and you tell us what relaxing is.


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