How You Can Make Your Old Games Feel Like New

Skyrim start cart ride with Ulfric.

Once you finish a game, you can rightfully say you’ve mastered it after a few more playthroughs. Part of playing those games also involves mastering all the rules and mechanics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your way of playing. If your old favorites are starting to feel dull after each playthrough, it’s time to change things up.

While mods are the clearest way to completely change a game, you don’t necessarily have to do so. Instead of trying to tweak by altering files, what you can try is change how you play it. You played it by the game’s rules once, now it’s time to try something differently. Here’s how you can play your old favorites on the best gaming laptops:

Don’t Use Any Mini-Maps

No minimap on your game.

In games like GTA (which we know you’ve put countless man hours in), why don’t you try playing without any mini-maps or HUD? Without a HUD or mini-map, you’re forced to use what you see in your immediate vicinity to travel around the world. This is great for open world games like GTA, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed.

WhenYou Die, You Die

You Died prompt in Dark Souls.

Some RPGs already have this feature that you can choose whenever you start a new game. The game gives you only one save file, and when the party dies, the game deletes your single save file. Games like Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition and Pillars of Eternity have this function. If you think you’ve completely mastered a game, deleting your one save file whenever you die will give you a brand new appreciation of how difficult it is.

Make Some Weapons Off-Limits

Bow and arrow weapons in Far Cry 3
Source: Hager

At some point, you will have finally unlocked the game’s ultimate weapon. It all started with Doom’s BFG9000, and most games have these weapons hiding in some secret level or after you defeat a certain boss. This time around, you’re going to tell yourself no. This time you’re going to play with a limited arsenal of weapons. Try playing with just handguns, try playing with just a bow and arrow, or use only your fists!

If The Character Has Regeneration, No Healing Items

Healing spell in Skyrim in action.

In some games, your character will have regeneration abilities should he/she incur damage to health points. Why don’t you try not using healing potions the next time you start a new Skyrim character or no medical syringes in your next Far Cry playthrough? Only manual healing from here on out.

Change the Language

Metro 2033 playing with subtitles.

Some games are based in places where English isn’t the vernacular. Games like Metro (Post-apocalyptic Moscow) and Assassin’s Creed (Italy and France) are examples. Change the language to suit what natives are actually going to speak. It makes you feel more immersed into the game, and reading subtitles in English might give you a newfound appreciation of the plot.

No Fast Travel

Road signs in Skyrim.

In open-world games like Skyrim and Far Cry, there is a feature that allows you to instantly travel to places you’ve already visited before. In your next playthrough, don’t fast-travel. You may also want to try not using any vehicles at all, opting to travel on foot through the vast expanses of your open-world environment.


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