The Best Mods That Made PC Games Better

Black mesa screenshot.

Thanks to thousands of dedicated fans throughout the world, your favorite PC games are better and more suited to your tastes through the magic of mods. Some mods are merely cosmetic changing the appearances of weapons and other items, and changing the in-game world. While other mods are much more extensive, some are changing the way you play the game in its entirety. Here are some of the best mods that create a new experience for your favorites on the best gaming laptops:

Black Mesa

Black Mesa gameplay shooting down an osprey.

Sad that Half-Life 3 isn’t here yet (or Half-Life 2 Chapter 3 for that matter)? Don’t be! Thanks to the dedicated fans, Black Mesa was born and is available for purchase on stores like Steam. With Valve’s blessing, Black Mesa has become a game onto its own. Think of it as an updated version of the original Half-Life but with an all new experience.

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Screenshot of Company of Heroes Eastern Front.

Before THQ went under, one of its last masterpieces was Company of Heroes. A masterfully crafted strategy game that pits Allies against the Axis powers. Considered to be one of the best strategy games ever made, it just had something missing in the first CoH game – the Russians.

Modders took care of that problem and released Eastern Front. All the improvements that you wanted the original game to have were answered by the Eastern Front. From units to maps to new advanced weather systems, it changed the way CoH was played.


NEOTOKYO mod for Half-Life 2.

If Black Mesa changed the original Half-Life, NEOTOKYO changed Half-Life 2. It made the second installment of the iconic franchise look like a cool anime-style world. If you want to experience a dystopian Tokyo without living through Akira, NEOTOKYO is the mod you should definitely try. Fast paced like Counter-Strike, you’ll see the gameplay is as worthwhile as the art design.

The Sith Lords Restored

Sith Lords Restored is a mod for KOTOR.

Knights of the Old Republic’s sequel just didn’t live up to the expectations. It wasn’t a bad game by any means, no. It’s just that something was sorely lacking and the game as a whole felt like it wasn’t finished. But thanks to the Sith Lords Restored mod, it’s finally complete. If you’re looking for a more engaging experience than the KoTR MMO, you should definitely try this mod.

Star Wars: Galactic Warfare

Galactic Warfare is a mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Did you like Star Wars? What if we told you can enjoy both in one game? This is where Star Wars: Galactic Warfare comes to make your day. The transformation is complete with levels, weapons, and sounds. It’s Battlefront in smaller maps and tight spaces, but it’s a Star Wars game alright.

Third Age: Total War

Total War: the Third Age is perfect for fans of Strategy and LOTR.

Now for those of you looking for a game that pits massive armies against each other and lets you experience siege warfare, the Total War franchise never fails to deliver. But if you’re looking for the thrills of high fantasy, what if we told you there’s a mod for Medieval: Total War 2 that makes units and castles look like it was from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings? Interested? Charge with the Rohirrim onto an army of Orcs in the plains outside of Minas Tirith with this mod.

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