Cheat Codes That Made Our Favorite Games Better

Cobra Car charging in the battlefield with knights.

Most of the video games today don’t have a feature where you can use cheat codes, but back in the good old days, some of those codes were an absolute necessity to finish games. Some old games added cheat codes just to reveal a few easter eggs. What were those cool features? Here are some gamer favorite cheat codes that you can try on the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebook:

Unlimited grenade launcher ammo in Resident Evil

Grenade Launcher glitch/cheat from Resident Evil.

Unlimited ammo is always welcome in shooting games like Resident Evil, especially when it comes to the big guns like the grenade launchers. In the remake of Resident Evil for PC, you can enter a cheat that can let you launch grenades at zombies as long as it pleases you.

Flying cars in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Flying car cheat in GTA San Andreas.

Ah the flying car, a much awaited dream by the followers of sci-fi, but GTA made is possible – with cheats. While there were other flying machines like helicopters and airplanes, nothing says style like flying through the Los Santos skyline in a Cheetah or Infernus.

Power Overwhelming in StarCraft

Power Overwhelming in action in StarCraft.

Power Overwhelming is a phrase mostly uttered by the Protoss Archon. Power Overwhelming is also a cheat that lets all your units and buildings invincible (even to nuke attacks by the Terran). Want to add more bite to your zergling rushes? Power overwhelming would do that just that – overwhelm.

The “ID” cheat codes in Doom

The ID cheats in action in Doom.

These are called ID cheat codes because they all start with ID: IDDQD, IDKFA, IDBEHOLDI. What do they do? God Mode, Full health, ammo, armor, and keys, and invisibility. Doom is still one of the best games ever made, and in the 90s, those cheat codes made the game fun. Also, they laid the foundations for cheat codes in modern games because all of PC mods somewhat come from the code from Doom.

How do you turn this on in Age of Empires II

Cobra Car in game in Age of Empire II.

Age of Empires II is a classic that is still played today, and with a good reason. It’s a game that has it all — competitive multiplayer, a wide assortment of civilizations with special units and technologies. Of course, there are the cheats. How do you turn this on spawns a cobra car on the map. It works just like a car would in medieval combat, and it runs faster than any horse ever would while shooting deadly pellets from its headlights to vanquish your foes. Nice right?


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