5 Games That Will Always Be Better On PC than on Consoles

Comparison between PC and consoles.
Source: youtube.com/GameStar

Every time a game is released on console, it follows a cycle. There’s a time when the console versions will look more superior than PC or Mac counterparts than the developers of those games will showcase the graphics on the consoles, showing that they can deliver stunning visual experiences.

However, after the hype is gone, the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebook come out and shine showing the power that laptops are capable of. The flagship consoles of the major brands can’t even churn out decent 2k graphics, and we haven’t talked about gameplay and mods yet. So if you’re considering getting games for console, here are a few games that will make you reconsider and buy a gaming laptop instead:

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Geralt on a horse in the Witcher III: Wild Hunt.
Source: gamersyde.com

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt can also be played on an Xbox One or PS 4. Yes, it looks nice, but open the Witcher III on your rig, and you’ll see the difference is astounding. Considered to be the most graphically impressive video games of all time, the PC helps the game achieve its full potential.

If you’re looking for mods, it’s only possible on your PC, and the Witcher III has an excellent selection of them that can help enhance your experience completely.


The beautiful landscape of Tamriel as seen in Skyrim.
Source: steamcommunity.com

Skyrim has just released a re-mastered version that offers the stunning graphics you’ve been waiting for your modern PC. Back when we had vanilla Skyrim though, the PC version always trumped the Xbox 360 and the PS 3 when it came to graphics.

That’s just graphics friends. Now we have the feature that people play Skyrim for – the mods. The modding scene in Skyrim is insane. Literally thousands of mods are out there. There is a massive database from both Steam Workshop (that comes with mod integration support) and from Skyrim Nexus. Developers of these modes include the hardcore fans, professional developers, and even Valve.

If you’ve experienced Skyrim before, you can also try the full conversion modes like Falskarr and Nehrim. Think of them like free new expansions for the game that you will never experience if you play Skyrim on consoles.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive screenshot.
Source: pcgamer.com

Valve’s multiplayer game has been the most played in the world throughout several points in gaming history, but only the PC versions. They ported to the Xbox once, and well, safe to say it didn’t work out as they hoped. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the newest addition to the CS family, and the PC brings out the best in it. Aiming is easier with a mouse, the frame rate stays high consistently with a good unit.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age gameplay screenshot.
Source: dragonage.bioware.com

Dragon Age is BioWare’s flagship series and is arguably easier to play with a mouse and keyboard because of all the battle commands that you need to use in battle. The pseudo-infinity engine of the game is a nice touch, and all of that looks great on an HD PC monitor. The PC’s superior graphics capabilities and superior controls top that of the consoles by a long mile.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA V graphics on full display.
Source: www.vg247.com

As you roam the vast worlds of the GTA franchise, it’s better to play it on a machine that will churn out better graphics, and that’s where the PC comes in. When it comes to expansions, bug fixes, and of course, mods, the PC is always going to be where you play GTA.


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