Apocalypse Now Video Game to Be Released

Apocalypse Now Video Game to be released
Source: www.spin.com

Crowdfunding is once again being sought to make a video game based on Francis Ford Coppola’s classic war film “Apocalypse Now.” A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to support the development of the game.

The Coppola family’s studio American Zoetrope will team up with veterans of the industry to develop a psychological horror RPG based on the classic film. Some of the veterans American Zoetrope will work with include names such as Rob Auten (Battlefield, Gears of War), Lawrence Liberty (The Witcher, Fallout: New Vegas), and Montgomery Markland (Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wasteland 2). To advise the team, Josh Sawyer, Obsidian Entertainment’s Design Director, will be on hand.

The Kickstarter page has gone live so you can now start funding the project on Kickstarter and it comes with a special message from the legendary Francis Ford Coppola himself:

“Forty years ago, I set out to make a personal art picture that could hopefully influence generations of viewers for years to come. Today, I’m joined by new daredevils, a team who want to make an interactive version of Apocalypse Now, where you are Captain Benjamin Willard amidst the harsh backdrop of the Vietnam War. I’ve been watching video games grow into a meaningful way to tell stories, and I’m excited to explore the possibilities for Apocalypse Now for a new platform and a new generation.”

Press releases for the project state that players will be given the ability to make their own choices that are independent of the storyline. Players will traverse the horrors of the Vietnam War. Faced with choices in each situation, those choices will have different repercussions and will affect the journey as the story moves forward. Every decision will matter in the end-game. With that kind of gameplay, the player will be making their own story.

The developers plan to release the game by 2020. That’s a lot to look forward to, but in the meantime, don’t wait until 2020 to get your hands on the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebook! With a top notch gaming laptop, you’ll be ready for Apocalypse Now!


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