Top 5 Celebrity Appearances in PC Games

Kevin Spacey Cameo in Infinite Warfare

It’s not uncommon for celebrities of the silver screen to find their way into video games. Besides, some actors like Liam Neeson have already lent their voices to characters in popular video games. There are times however that voices aren’t the only thing these celebrities will add to a game. There have been instances where celebrities would make a cameo or let video game developers use their looks to base characters on.

Without further ado, here are five of the most memorable celebrity appearances in video games that you can play on the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebook:

Kevin Spacey (Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare)

Kevin Space Cameo Speech in Infinite Warfare

Activision made it a point to advertise Kevin Spacey’s involvement with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Because of his role as Frank Underwood in House of Cards, Activision made the right call and made Kevin Spacey the game’s primary antagonist. His voice and likeness as he would appear in a TV series or movie make the villainy all the more interesting.

Burt Reynolds (Saints Row: the Third)

Burt Reynolds in Saints Row Cameo

As the Mayor of Steelport, Burt Reynolds requests help from the player to get rid of the zombie outbreak. Once you do him that favor, he becomes one of your best buds. He will support the player by sending Steelport’s SWAT team.

Phil Collins (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories)

Phil Collins Sings in Vice City

Phil Collins is one of the world’s most renowned musicians and in a game that’s set in the 80s is an excellent combination. In the game, you can hear him singing “In the Air Tonight” in a concert after a mission. The player can even hire him to play a private show.

JFK, Richard Nixon, & Fidel Castro (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Presidents Fighting Zombies in Black Ops

In the Zombie Arc of Call of Duty: Black Ops, you see US presidents JFK and Richard Nixon, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro (they were with Robert McNamara) in a room in the Pentagon. Just as they were talking, zombies suddenly rush to their position. At the start of the scenario, you can play as JFK, Nixon, McNamara, or Castro.

Gary Coleman (Postal 2)

Gary Coleman with Assault Rifle in Postal 2

The late Gary Coleman was one of TV’s biggest stars back in the day, and that momentum carried over to video games. In Postal 2, players have a chance to fight against Coleman who will be firing at you with an assault rifle and throwing grenades along your way.

In Postal 2, you can even hear Coleman’s iconic catchphrase, “Whatch you talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?” as he signs autographs of his book at the mall.

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