Hitman is Adding a ‘Professional’ Difficulty

Hitman Professional Difficulty Released
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Last year, Hitman ended its first season, but there’s still more left to be done. Publishers Square Enix has recently announced a new ‘Professional’ difficulty level via a free update. It was made available on January 31. Along with difficulty update comes a few bonuses, fixes, and other tweaks.

There’s a new bonus mission, ‘Landslide’ which sends our Hitman to Sapienza to assassinate a politician with mafia connections by the name of Marco Abiatti. If you own the whole first season of Hitman, you get this bonus mission for free!

Now, what’s in store for you when you finally play it on ‘Professional?’ While it isn’t immediately available because it has to be unlocked per-location when Mastery level 20 is reached in each. Once unlocked, the ‘Professional’ difficulty will be available for all story missions, except the prologue.

And once your start Professional, be sure you’re ready because this is what you can expect:

  •         Security cameras will be able to detect illegal activity and alerted guards will be sent to investigate.
  •         Each location will be altered so you can get a new experience.
  •         The Professional level will have a separate leader board.
  •         New unique rewards.
  •         Guards will search more thoroughly.
  •         There will be Professional-level challenges and mastery.
  •         Only one manual save will be allowed.
  •         Increased number of security cameras (Where they logically need to be).
  •         Suspicious and illegal items will match disguises.
  •         To get disguises, clean kills are necessary.
  •         Guards have increased search radius.
  •         NPCs notice footsteps better, especially when Ian is running.
  •         Guards are more alert.
  •         There are fewer pickup disguises.
  •         Health regeneration has been slowed down.

Do you think you’re ready for that? Well, there are other features that come with the update. Among the other goodies include Ian being able to pull baddies over balconies and out of windows. Another addition is Ian getting notified before picking up anything illegal. You can now disable auto-save, and there’s now HDR support. Check the patch notes for any additional information.

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