Weirdest Games Ever Created

goat simulator on gaming laptop
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The world of gaming is vast. There are the MMORPGs, FPS, MOBA, and Simulation games. There are so much the gaming world has to offer to its audience from the most thrilling games to the most laid-back ones. And then there are the weird ones.

Created with bizarre concepts and unusual gameplay, some of these weird games have attracted the attention of many and even became bestsellers. That’s why for today, we’re going to present you the five of the best weirdest games ever created.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is 2014 indie simulation game developed Coffee Stain Studios. The game as its title implies pretty much allows you to take control of a goat. The goal is to wreck stuff and cause as much destruction around the city as a goat. It’s the perfect game for people who have been longing for a weird game that turns them into a gullible herbivore. Seriously, I don’t even know what led the developers to create this game.

I am Bread

If playing like a goat seems to be a bit too boring for you, then how about playing as a piece of bread. Yes, people, I ain’t joking. From the creators of Surgeon Simulator comes this weird game where you take control of a slice of bread. I am Bread introduces a crumby adventure like no other, it follows the epic story of a bread’s struggle to escape the confines of the kitchen, traveling through the home of an unsuspecting owner into the outside world. Oh, and did I mention the game offers several types of bread that you can play. What can even be weirder than that?

The Plan

If you had the chance to play the game “Among the Sleep,” then you probably know about its developer, Krillbite Studio. Well, the same company created a game about a fly. The Plan follows the story of a fly as it ascends to the skies, pondering about its existence. I’m not really sure if you should play it, but it’s for free on Steam so you might as well check it out since it received a lot of positive reviews online.

Hatoful Boyfriend

If you think Japanese otome or dating games are weird, then how about a game that lets you date birds? As strange as it sounds, the game actually exists, and it’s called “Hatoful Boyfriend.” The game follows the story of a human student that was accepted into a prestigious school for talented birds known as St. PigeoNation’s Institute. Explore the corridors of the school, and you might just meet the man of your dreams or should I say, bird of your dreams.

Pony Island

Described by IGN as a “self-aware indie gem,” Pony Island is a suspense puzzle game. You play as this adorable pony who is trapped in a malfunctioning arcade machine. You need to solve puzzles to escape and defeat the devil that put you in this limbo. Simple and straightforward, the game offers something entertaining and fun to gamers who wants to take a break from serious plotlines and complex gameplay.

If you ever want to try and download one of these games on your gaming laptop, they are all available on Steam.

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