Owlboy – Explore the Open Skies

owlboy on gaming laptop
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Ever miss the 2D games you used to play while growing up? Well, how about trying a 2D adventure game inspired by the best Nintendo games? Oldboy is a stunning game with an incredible story and amazing pixel graphics you will never forget. The game has already received awards such as GDC Best Play in 2015, Norwegian Game of the Year 2010, and was also a nominee in IGF Excellence in Visual Arts.


Owlboy follows the story of a boy named Otus, who is a member of an owl-human hybrid race known as Owls. Being mute, he has always struggled to live up to the expectations of the Owl-hood. One day, things went from bad to worse when the Owls City has been attacked by a group of pirates. To save his city and his race, he sets out on a journey. Fly and explore a new world in the open skies, meet new friends, and defeat dangerous enemies.

In this game, pick your friends and bring them to help you in your adventure. Overcome obstacles and defeat the pirates to save everyone you love.


Owlboy was described by its developers as “a love letter to pixel art” made for the new generation. It is an open-world exploration game that features a unique mix of platforming and flight. As you take control of your character, you must solve puzzles and defeat enemies with the help of your friends. This is where the fun part starts, Otus can pick up his friends while flying and gain access to their abilities. The overall gameplay works by Otus working with his friends to solve the puzzle or defeat the enemies. His friends will support him, and in return, Otus will be there to help his friends.


Owlboy is an indie game that was first announced in 2007 and first started its development in the same year. According to its developers, the game was inspired by several sources such as Super Mario 3 and Kid Icarus. One of its main developers, Andersen, even said that it was the release of the Wii that inspired him to create a new game with old-school features.

The game was first shown at the PAX 2013. And it was at PAX 2016 when the developers announced that Owlboy will soon be released for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops. You can download the game on Steam for $ 24.99. Just make sure that you will meet its system requirement including a Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS, a dual-core processor, DirectX version 9.0c, and a 600 MB available space storage. You all need a Windows Media Player for its installation.

Owlboy is a 2D game that took nine years in the making, so expect a hi-bit adventure like no other.

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