New Games to Watch Out for this December 2016

Dead rising 4 soon on gaming laptop
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The year 2016 will not end without a bang! Let’s take a look at these upcoming PC games to be released this December. All these games are compatible with Microsoft Windows PC and gaming laptops. Brace yourselves…

The Dwarves

December 1

The Dwarves is an upcoming tactical RPG game which features tactically challenging real-time battles. Play as one of the fifteen heroes, each with a unique set of skills. Fight a horde of violent ogres, orcs, zombies, dark mages, and much more. Explore the world of Girdlegard, meet various characters and experience an adventure of a lifetime. This game is actually based on Markus Heitz’s bestselling novel, The Dwarves, and discovers the tale revolving around the legendary race of dwarves.


December 2

The perfect game for people who love snow sports, the Steep introduces the massive open-world of Alps and Alaska. Traverse these steep mountains by ski, wingsuit, snowboard, or paraglide. Do the craziest stunts you can and challenge players around the world to beat your tricks. The mountain is all yours, use it as your playground to hone your skills. You can also play with your friends online to perform some wild group tricks.

Dead Rising 4

December 6

Dead Rising is the latest and upcoming installment in the Dead Rising series. The game will follow the story of Frank West as he returns to Willamette during the holiday season, sixteen years after the events of the first game. Unlike the previous games, Dead Rising 4 will not feature a timer system. It will also introduce an open-world setting that will let you go outside the mall and explore the streets of Willamette.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

December 6

Shadow Tactics is a tactical stealth game which is set in Japan around the Edo period. You take control of a team of assassins who must infiltrate castles, monasteries, and hidden forest camps. To complete these missions, you must set traps, poison your enemies or avoid them through camouflage. Play as five different characters and learn to utilize each of their unique skills. The game is developed by Mimimi Productions and was published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Werewolves Within

December 6

Werewolves Within is a fast-paced game you can play on VR. In this social deduction game, players congregate to vote and eliminate anyone who might be disguising as the werewolf. You must utilize specific roles and abilities, and hone the power of persuasion to assess and win each round. The game is created by Red Storm Entertainment and is compatible to Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. It will be available to download at UPlay Shop.

Are you ready for these games?

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