Let’s Check Out Smite’s New God Camazotz, the Deadly God of Bats

playing camazotz in smite
Photo Source: Smite.com

The MOBA game Smite has added a new god in their cluster of playable characters. Camazotz is a Mayan god who lurks in darkness and is protected by the Underworld. Known as the terrifying bat god, he seeks out for his victims to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for blood and death. Long has he waited in darkness for the perfect time to strike, and now that the gods have started a war, Camazotz is ready to unleash the darkness.

Camazotz game model
Photo Source: Smite.com

Designed as a melee assassin, Camazotz possessed the right skill set for a great jungler. Let’s take a look at his skills:

Passive: Essence Drinker


Camazotz possessed a Vampirism bonus. Anytime a god dies on the battlefield, they will leave behind a pool of their essence in the spot where they died. If Camazotz stays in that spot, he will replenish his health and mana over time. If out of combat state, Camazotz will regenerate faster.



Camazotz screeches loudly, producing a sound wave that can pierce through minions and deal damage. If it hits an enemy god, the sound wave will echo, and it will give Camazotz the vision of the god that was hit for 15 seconds. He also gains Physical Power during this duration.

Vampire Bats

vampire bats

Camazotz attacks a single target with a swarm of bats, dealing physical damage and slowing its movement. The bats then fly back to him, carrying back a heal. If this ability is used on a jungle monster, they would be marked, and Camazotz will receive a heal and a stackable Vampirism buff for 21 seconds.



Camazotz leaps towards a short distance, dealing damage upon impact and healing himself per enemy hit. You can use this skill to pass towards walls and escape enemies.

Bat Out of Hell

Bat out of hell

Camazotz flies for the next three seconds. While on air, he may swoop forward and attack an enemy which deals damage. He can do this up to three times before landing. Upon using this skill, if you happen to hit more than one enemy god in a single swoop, it will deal increased damage per god.

An interesting new character to try, Camazotz is the perfect durable hunter and assassin to surprise your enemies. To know more about Camazotz’s abilities, strategy, and gameplay, watch this God Reveal video below:

To play Camazotz, make sure to update Smite on your gaming laptop. Let Camazotz and the underworld bring victory to your team!

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