5 Video Game Characters with Tragic Backstories

Max Payne screenshot from game.
Source: www.gamespot.com

As games continue to innovate every year, the heroes in our games are getting more and more complex. In some games, once we reach the end our hero becomes an unstoppable killing machine that can mow down hundreds and hundreds of enemy grunts. But why all the violence? Of course, our characters have a tragic past to justify all that bloodshed and revenge.

If you have the best gaming laptop, here are some of those video game characters that have gone through a lot in their fictional lives:

Max Payne (Max Payne)

Max Payne with two guns.
Source: www.gamespot.com

It can be said the most of the torment Max Payne experiences is self-inflicted. With all his drinking, smoking, and killing, he’s one self-destructive dude. But why is he like that to begin with?

First of all, losing your wife and child is a tragedy. Having babies float around in your dreams is another and being a hired killer isn’t much of a dream job. The player gets to hear all this whenever he starts narrating all those depressing thoughts.

Zoey (Left 4 Dead)

Zoey from Left 4 Dead
Source: left4dead.wikia.com

Living in a world infested by zombies is no way to live, and Zoey knows it. So what happened? When the infection spread, her mother, Carolyn, was one of those attacked by a zombie. Zoey’s father, Wade, managed to kill the monster, but her mom got horribly injured.

Wade was tending to Carolyn when Zoey called an ambulance, and to her surprise, her mother started attacking her father. Now a zombie, Carolyn attacks Zoey, but Wade still had his senses about and was able to shoot his wife in the back of her head.

Wade with his injuries and grief, asked Zoey to kill him before he turns into a zombie-like Carolyn. Zoey tells her dad one last “I love you” before pulling the trigger. Sadly, it was found out later on that her dad was a “Carrier” meaning he would have never turned, but he would be able to spread the infection. Brutal.

Uncle Leo (Fallout 3)

Uncle Leo from Fallout 3
Source: fallout.wikia.com

Uncle Leo’s life is one of utter despair. He wanders the Wasteland because he was banished from the rest of the super-mutants. In his travels, he ponders about the meaning of life and wonders of his existence. He meets the Lone Wanderer. Sad though that he can’t be recruited in the game. He gives you some dirty clothes, and he says, “have you ever watched the moon rise over the Wasteland? I wish I could have given you something as wonderful as that.” Wow.

Widowmaker (Overwatch)

Widowmaker screenshot from Overwatch
Source: playoverwatch.com

Widowmaker was once known as Amelie, and she was married to one Gerard Lacroix. Gerard was an Overwatch agent that led operations against Talon.

After a failed attempt on Gerard’s life by Talon, the group switches its target to Amelie. Talon kidnaps Amelie, breaks her will using an “intense program of neural reconditioning.”

Overwatch agents eventually find her thinking she’s in one piece and is returned to Gerard. Unfortunately, tragedy happens and Amelie kills Gerard in his sleep two weeks later. Once the deed is done, she returns to Talon, and she’s turned into Widowmaker.

Angel (Borderlands)

Angel screenshot from Borderlands
Source: reddit.com

Angel is one of the sirens meaning she has mystical, incredible powers. Unfortunately, she had no control of those powers, and she accidentally kills her mother. Angel is the guardian that watches over the Vault Hunters, providing them with assistance through their quests. But of course, she betrays you.

Angel was working for her evil father all along. To make matters worse, Angel’s dad forced her to be addicted to Eridium making her entirely dependent on him for survival.

In the end, Angel redeems herself by helping the Vault Hunters destroy all the Eridium Injectors, which tragically leads to her death.

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