The Best Video Game Cutscenes of All-Time

Arthas screenshot from WarCraft III

Video game cutscenes are there to serve various purposes. They can help improve the storytelling in the game, they can be a reward when players finish certain quests or tasks, or just to add more immersion into the game.

Traditionally, video game cutscenes are animated, pre-rendered, or live action. But with today’s advanced technology and the more than capable hardware of today’s PCs, modern cutscenes now look rendered in-game; cinematic cutscenes can provide a certain depth to the games we play. There are those cutscenes that looked gorgeous while there are those that broke our hearts.

If you have the best gaming laptop, here are the game cutscenes that you have to watch:

WarCraft III – Arthas Kills His Dad


Blizzard doesn’t hold back when it comes to cinematic cutscenes. WarCraft tells its story through these cutscenes between campaigns, and it does this very effectively.  At the Climax of Arthas’ tale, he returns to the kingdom of Lordaeron wielding Frostmourne and proceeds to kill his father, King Terenas, cementing him has one of the most memorable villains in the history of video games.

Portal – GLaDOS Still Alive


Finally, you’re free of those testing chambers, and you get to see the outside world for the first time in a long time. But, take a listen to the closing music. Can that be GLaDOS?

Diablo III – Act II Opening


Another Blizzard masterpiece, the opening for Diablo III’s Act II is a showcase of incredible skill in making amazing cutscenes. The intro for this Act shows the encounter between Tyrael and Imperius.

Red Alert 2 – Intro


Back in the day, Westwood Studios was at the top of the world when it came to strategy games with its Command & Conquer Series. Westwood Studios also did not hold back with its live action cutscenes and Red Alert 2’s Intro video is a prime example of that.

Final Fantasy X – Yuna’s Sending


Thanks be to those who made the Final Fantasy ports on PC possible. Now that these games are on the PC master race game library, we can all experience Yuna’s sending after Sin destroys an entire village. This is one emotionally heavy scene which gives Tidus a better perspective about Yuna and the rest of the world.

Mass Effect 3 – The Battle for Earth


Let’s not talk about the ending of Mass Effect 3, okay? Instead, let’s speak of the moments that came before. If you want an epic cutscene, the Battle for Earth was the conclusion of all the choices you’ve ever made in the series.

Half-Life 2: Episode 2 – Ending


In one of the most tragic moments in video game history, we see Freeman still able to retain control somehow. Such a major cliffhanger though. When does Half-Life 3 even come out?

Fallout – Intro

Ron Perlman’s iconic line “War. War never changes” in this cutscene, epitomizes the world of the Fallout series. The world that is bittersweet, managing to scrape by with constant conflict still a problem. The perfect way to introduce the game to new and old players alike.

Final Fantasy VII – Intro


Another Final Fantasy game that made its mark on the Playstation finally comes to the PC for us to enjoy. Final Fantasy VII (according to some lists) is the best in the franchise. In the introduction cutscene, we can clearly see Aerith swooping in and out of the city with a final view at the city’s train station. It was groundbreaking when Final Fantasy VII was released, and now we can look back with nostalgia.

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