Reasons Why You Should Play NieR: Automata

NieR - Automata
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NieR: Automata is the newest game from renowned video game director Yoko Taro. It also happens to be the sequel to 2010’s NieR, a spin-off video game from the Drakengard Series.

After being released on March 27, 2017, for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops, the game has begun to create a surprising hype in the industry. Praised by several critics including Famitsu, Destructoid, and GameSpot, NieR: Automata has been proven to be the most successful game in the series.

And if you’re wondering why it is receiving so much love from gamers worldwide, well here are few reasons to why you should try to play NieR: Automata:

It takes place in the Drakengard Universe.

It takes place in the Drakengard Universe
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NieR: Automata actually has an underlying story that connects the game to the Drakengard series. According to its lore, the game follows the 4th ending of NieR. In the year 11,939, the 14th machine war breaks in, and the rest of humanity flees to the surface of the moon where they began to develop new and better androids to fight the living machine. It was during this time the first YoRHa units were created bringing us to NieR: Automata that focuses on the story of YoRHa No.2 Type B, an android created to battle the living machines created by aliens to wipe out humanity.

If you’re curious to how the stories connect, here’s a helpful video created by Youtube user Valkyrie Aurora that explains the lore summary of the Drakengard series:

Witness a one-of-a-kind story from the legendary Yoko Taro.

Witness a one-of-a-kind story from the legendary Yoko Taro
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Yoko Taro has always been known for his tragic stories where the protagonists don’t always have a happy ending and antagonists doesn’t usually die. Similar to its previous predecessors, NieR: Automata shares the same dark and mature storyline. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans were forced to hide in the surface of the moon to survive and hide from the robots that took over the world. To take their home back, they sent a group of androids known as “YoRHa” to combat their mechanical opponents.

The main protagonist of the game is YoRHa No.2 Type B also known as B2, a combatant android who fights alongside YoRHa No. 9 Model S or 9S. Throughout their journey, they’ll meet other robotic personalities, some will help them while others will question the purpose of their mission.

It features a Combat System Developed by Platinum Games.

It features a Combat System Developed by Platinum Games
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Platinum Games are known for their outstanding combat systems as seen in games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. This is what you’ll exactly see in NieR: Automata as you control and witness the combat method of the protagonist B2, who can wield melee weapons including swords, spears, and bracers, and can dish out light to heavy attacks depending on the weapons they use.

One thing to love about NieR: Automata is its fast-moving combat which the developers have implemented as an Auto Mode. Within this mode, players can utilize the collection of 2B’s Auto Chips which makes the combat section easier to play. It has a smooth gameplay system shares a similar style to Devil May Cry.

NieR: Automata is the first big success in the series.

NieR - Automata is the first big success in the series
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The Drakengard/NieR series has been regarded by many as an underrated series due to its captivating stories and the beautiful soundtracks it offers. Despite some poor reviews from critics, the series has received loves from people who fell in love with its unique storytelling and the structure.

In fact, Automata is said to be the first big success in the series. And fortunately, if the sales continue, there’s a possible chance for the previous games to be remade for the growing fandom. And we hope that will happen.

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