Best Game Releases this May 2017

game releases this may 2017
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May 2017 is packed with new games to enjoy and discover! Its lineup includes the release of Star Trek: Bridge Crew, a virtual reality simulation game that takes you on board Starfleet USS Aegis to explore the universe, Arkane Studios’ Prey, and Pixel Titan’s Strafe, the latest game in the Operation Babel Series.

Let’s check them out:


May 5

Prey is an upcoming first-person shooting video game from Arkane Studios for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops. The player takes control of Morgan Yu, who is on a mission to explore the moon-orbiting space station Talos I. After the alien force Typhon escapes confinement, he needs to collect a variety of weapons and abilities derived from Typhon to avoid being killed by the aliens while looking for an escape.


May 9

Strafe is another first-person shooter game developed by Pixel Titans. The developers described it as an homage to the 1990’s video game Doom and Quake. Thus, the game was advertised to have “bleeding edge graphics and gameplay,” and citing the year 1996. The player takes the role of a scraper that must collect scraps to use in recycling expression. Boarding a scouting ship, you are sent to join the spacecraft Icarus only to find that something onboard has gone wrong.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

May 16

New Tokyo Legacy continues the story of the Operation Abyss series. The story focused on the CPA and Xth Squad as they face a new threat – the Embryo, a mysterious object that suddenly appeared in the sky. Create the perfect team to challenge each threat that will come your way. The game is developed by MAGES. Inc., 5pb., and Experience Inc.

The Surge

May 16

The Surge is a science-fiction RPG video game which features a third-person melee combat that has a sci-fi setting. It is inspired by the Rise of the Robots and Dark Souls series. The gameplay involves players using exoskeleton armors to battle enemies. These armors can be customized through the game with the use of modular upgrades.

Get Even

May 26

Get Even is a psychological horror game from The Farm 51 and to be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It follows the journey of Cole Black, a man who woke up in an old and abandoned asylum with the single memory of an attempted rescue of a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest. With a strange technology attached to his head, Black travels into the depths of his own mind to find the truth about his past.


May 26

Rime is an adventure and puzzle video game from Tequila Works. It is set to be released for MS Windows, XBox One, and PlayStation 4. The game focuses on the story of a boy who needs to escape an island and a curse. To do this, he needs to solve puzzles while in an open-world island setting. It is said to feature a day-night mechanic with light influencing the gameplay as well as the visuals.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

May 30

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the most-awaited game of Spring. It is a virtual reality action-adventure game developed by Red Storm Entertainment. With the use of VR gear, each four players take the respective roles of the captain, engineer, helm officer, and tactical officer. Aboard in the Starfleet USS Aegis, they head for a region of space called “The Trench.”

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