The 4 Most Difficult Boss Battles of All Time

Dark Souls boss battle screenshot

In video games, you’re usually in the shoes of the Hero. The savior of the world, protector of the weak, and all the other platitudes that they bestow upon your character. But in every game you’ve played, there’s one thing that always looms larger than life, your hero will eventually have to face the big bad guy at the end of the story.

In every story, the relationship between the hero and the villain is what determines the quality of the plot; the hero is only as good as his villain. In video games, having a bad-ass boss battle at the end is the culmination of your character’s efforts. It may take you several tries before you get it done, but when you finally strike the final blow, every quest, every action suddenly feels vindicated.

So what are those games and bosses that will give you a battle worthy of your hero? Here are the four most difficult boss battles of all time that you can experience on the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebook:

Dark Souls – Ornstein & Smough

Ornstein & Smough from Dark Souls
Source: Fight Database

Dark Souls is a game that’s best known for one thing – brutal difficulty. It’s frustratingly difficult to finish, and you can expect to see that annoying “You Died” screen multiple times throughout your hundred hours or so spent playing this game.

The developers of the game took the word ‘hard’ and took it the next level, but they may have outdone themselves when they made Ornstein and Smough. A Dragon Slayer and Executioner respectively, Ornstein and Smough aren’t really that tough to beat on their own, but when you put them together, prepare to die.

Ornstein’s high-speed charges coupled with Smough slow but deliberate hammer blows will demand your undivided attention. With two bosses at the same time, common sense says that you beat one first before focusing on the other, right? Remember, this is Dark Souls. The death of one only makes the remaining boss more powerful. Good luck with that!

BioShock – Big Daddy

Big Daddies from BioShock with a Little Sister

A lot of titles have their rogues’ gallery of iconic enemies, but when they’re the poster boy of the entire franchise, that must mean something pretty significant. Big Daddies are those enemies in BioShock.

They’re the fierce protectors of their Little Sisters, which is to say they won’t actively seek you out to battle, you have to decide whether you’ll take the fight to them. But what do you do? Do you rush them? No two Big Daddy battles will ever be the same, so it’s best to come up with a good strategy to get the fight going your way.

Dead Space – The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind from Dead Space Attacking Isaac

Remember the first time you saw a necromorph in Dead Space? Pretty scary stuff right? What made those zombie mutants much more interesting was the fact that we had to repress our horror survival instincts to shoot their heads and instead we had to go for their limbs. Now for the boss, the Hive Mind. While it isn’t really the hardest boss on this list, it’s still the most difficult necromorph you’re going to face in the game.

While its weaknesses are clearly glowing, being able to dodge tentacles, exploding canisters, and being able to maneuver around are all difficult to do at the same time. The worst part of it all? If you don’t play perfect and you screw up with anything, the Hive Mind will land a hit that will leave Isaac in pieces.

Dragon Age: Origins – The Archdemon

The Archdemon from Dragon Age Breathing Fire

If all our video game experience has taught as anything, dragons are hard to beat. In Dragon Age, how about a possessed dragon commanded by corruption and a desire to cover the world in the Taint? Now that’s your Archdemon.

The Archdemon flies towards different spots on the battlefield plus endless hordes of Darkspawn will need a mix of melee and ranged combatants. And the best part about this battle is that all the circumstances leading up to this fight will be up to the player.


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