Vampyr, an Interesting RPG about Vampires to be Released in 2017

Vampyr on Gaming Laptop
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DONTNOD Entertainment, the creators of the critically acclaimed episodic video game “Life is Strange,” will be back with a new game in 2017. This time, though, it’s an RPG that tells a grim tale of a doctor who was turned into a vampire in a disease-ridden London.

The game first started its development in 2015 when DONTNOD announced its collaboration with French video game publisher Focus Home Interactive. As confirmed by its developer, Vampyr storyline will be based on the 1918 London Spanish flu pandemic. Let’s check out its E3 2016 game trailer:


Vampyr Story
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Vampyr focuses on the story of Jonathan Reid, a former medical surgeon who just returned home from the war. As a high-ranking surgeon, Reid has been known for implementing new blood transfusions to save the lives of his patients. One night, though, Reid regains consciousness in a mass grave, only to realize that he has turned into a bloodthirsty monster, a vampire. He has no memories how he came to the grave or how he was transformed.

As he tries to return back to his normal life, Reid learns that the only way he can survive is through the blood of others. As a doctor, will he be able to stick to his Hippocratic Oath or will his bloodthirsty nature take over him?


Vampyr Gameplay
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This role-playing game is a first from DONTNOD Entertainment and in unlike their previous endeavors, Remember Me and Life are Strange. As the tagline of the game implies “Take Blood, Save a Life,” the game will focus on both the player’s choice and morality.

The players can roam the streets of an early 20th century London and can interact with different characters, each with their own identities and importance. Several missions will be introduced in the game given by these characters that Reid interacts with.

Throughout the course of the game, Reid will be reminded of his need for blood. The players are then forced to choose which characters they will prey. Each life he takes will have a consequence in the game. But you must also remember, the feeding Reid will keep him alive and unlock new vampiric powers he can use to fight his enemies. His combat varies from melee combat to ranged shooting mechanics, and supernatural vampire powers. The game has a crafting system where Reid can find and loot materials to create new tools or improve them.


There is no specific date to when Vampyr will be released next year, but as of now, the game has an incredible following and is being considered as one of the most awaited games to be released in 2017. It will be available for Microsoft Windows PC and gaming laptops, XBox One and Playstation 4.

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