“Project Wight” Lets You Play as a Monster in an Open-World Viking RPG

project wight
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Former Battlefield 3 developer and game director of Pay Day 2 David Goldfarb has finally pulled back the curtain on his latest venture, Project Wight — an ambitious role-playing game set in an open-world environment.

Project Wight is a game he’s currently working with his new indie studio, The Outsiders. The game was first heard when Goldfarb announced his new development team with fellow ex-DICE employee Ben Cousins. In a brief gameplay video uploaded by Goldfarb, Project Wight takes place in a fictionalized Viking era, in which you play as the last creature of a forgotten intelligent species. You will be able to play and see the world through the eyes of the creatures, battling the humans who have hunted and killed your species to extinction.

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As seen in the video, Project Wight will allow its players to play as both a young creature, which is more stealthy and elusive and a mature creature capable of flight and extreme violence. At its mature state, you’ll be able to harm and kill the Vikings who have slaughter your kind.

According to Goldfarb, the game’s setting and design were greatly inspired of John Gardner’s Grendel, a story that tells the story of Beowulf from the perspective of the monster, Grendel. The story has given him an idea that he wanted to, later on, develop and work with.

Although the game seems to show extreme violence as you watch the creature takes out his revenge by killing the Vikings, Goldfarb made sure that the game isn’t going to be all about slaughter. He also said that there’s more to it than it shows.

EuroGamer noted that the game will give you a sense of sympathy for the creature while watching how the Vikings kill his father.

“”It’s like, if you were a tiger and you saw all the other tigers becoming extinct: what would you do?” Goldfarb said to EuroGamer. “I don’t want to talk about our levers or the setup of the world, but, certainly for me, it’s about allowing people to express some of the rage and sadness about the condition of the world right now – that’s part of what this game is.”

To get more idea about the game, here is the sneak peek of Project Wight:

For now, there is no further information about the game other than its schedule of release on 2017. We only hope that Project Wight will be available for Microsoft Windows computers and gaming laptops so we can all be happy.

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