SOMA – A Sci-Fi Horror Games from the Creators of Amnesia

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Imagine a game with the elements of BioShock and Outlast combined as one, this is what SOMA has to offer. SOMA is a science-fiction horror game developed by the creators of Amnesia. It was released on September 22 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux PCs and gaming laptops.

Your primary goal is to uncover the past while trying to make sense of the present to survive for the future. The game focuses on immersion, puzzle-solving, and evasion of threats. It has received several positive reviews from critics for its well-written storyline and impressive voice acting.


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SOMA is set in an underwater research facility known as PATHOS-II. It follows the story of Simon Jarrett who was involved in a car crash that left him with severe brain damage. To survive, he agreed to undergo an experimental brain scan. During the process, Simon blacked out and woke up in an abandoned underwater research facility known as PATHOS-II. He then learns that he has awoken in the year 2103 and that PATHOS-II is the last outpost of humanity after a massive comet destroys the Earth’s surface.

While exploring, Simon will encounter Catherine Chun, a scan of a human downloaded to a storage unit. Together they must find ways to transport themselves to the ARK, a computer that runs a simulated world that contains the scans of the station staff. Little does Simon knows that doing so may not entirely save his present self at all.


SOMA is played from a first-person perspective, which primarily utilizes the elements of psychological horror instead of jump scares and the usual monsters. Similar to Amnesia: Dark Descent, there is no combat present in the game, the player progress through exploration, solving puzzles, and by the use of stealth. 

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Currently, SOMA is on sale and can be downloaded on Steam for US$11.99.

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