How to improve your gaming skills

Gaming Skills

Have you ever wanted to be like those guys that win lots of money and prizes for winning game tournaments?  Or do you just want to be the best and lord it over your friends? Regardless of which of the two that you want, you will do a LOT of work achieve either of the two. It will also take a lot of time and effort. Both, we hope, you have in abundance. Whether it’s for consoles, PCs, or gaming laptops, what you need to do will be the same.

Here are general tips that can help in making you a gaming expert.

Don’t stick to one game

Dont Stick to One Game

The more video games you play, the better you get. That’s a given, but most people take the meaning as just playing one game over and over again until they get bored with it. It helps if you’re focused on a particular genre, like MOBA or FPS games. Playing different games can teach you various disciplines. For instance, for FPS games, playing Bioshock helps you understand your spatial territory better and improve your strafing skills. Other FPS games will teach you to hide, use the terrain to your advantage. Some games are even too difficult that it tempers your mood, and you learn how to be calm and not tilt in any game.

Never stop practicing

Never Stop Practicing

The best players never stop practicing while the ones that too highly of themselves think that they are good enough not to practice anymore. And that’s what separates them from being winners and losers respectively. If you want to be competitive, you can’t be complacent. Never assume that you are good. The best e-Sports teams in the world never stop playing and practicing. Just don’t forget to get some sun now and then; you still need sunlight and fresh air.


Like anything that you decide to focus on, educating yourself with everything related to it will do wonders for your quest to be great. Watch youtube videos on how the great players do it. You can either watch tutorial videos or match vids. You can also check on several sites that can provide a strategy guide for a variety of games. You can find walkthroughs, how-tos, and even advanced tactics for every title out in the market. Don’t be a stubborn tool; there’s nothing wrong in asking for help.

Join a club or team (or play with friends)

Join a club or team or play with friends

What’s better than getting better in a game you love? Getting better in a game you love with friends, whether new or old. If there was any reason to get a new gaming laptop (if you don’t have one already) as the prospect of being able to play anywhere with a group of people. Being able to immerse yourself in a spirit of competition, as well as the company is perfect for encouraging you to become better. Some of the friends you play with might be able to help you improve. Eventually, you might become a mentor yourself. Some sites can help you find gaming groups in your area.

Go out there, make friends, and still play the games you love.

Look out for yourself

Look out for yourself

There’s this stereotype that pro-gamers barely sleep and subsist on soda and chips. To a certain extent, that’s true. It does sound like a great night, especially if you have a new game. The thing is, though; it’s not recommended to do that EVERY night. You still need rest and a healthy diet. Remember, most games require good reflexes and reaction time. The less sleep you get, the lower you have for both. You can’t improve if you’re always in less than optimal condition. So, get lots of sleep and eat well but you can still do all-nighters with munchies, though. Just don’t overdo it.

Go old school

Go old school

Games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era were difficult. It was a badge of honor to get past certain stages, even more, when you finish it. These games are good practice for bolstering your reaction time. The kind of response time that the conventional games out right now would require from you.

The thing is, you are older and more experienced. To make it more challenging, set goals that would’ve been impossible when you played it as a kid. Like no deaths, finishing it in a short amount, or no upgrades/special weapons. That will bring the game to a difficulty level that would right your current skill level.


Again, these are general suggestions but overall can help in making you improve. The idea is always to look out for yourself, strive to be better, and have fun doing it. That’s all there is to it.

Who knows. You just might be a highly-acclaimed and well-loved e-Sports player in the future. And just armed with your favored console, PC setup, or trusty gaming laptop.

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