MOBA Etiquette

moba etiquette

MOBAs are the biggest thing in gaming right now. With all of the current MOBAs, there are over 100 million players in front of their PCs and gaming laptops currently playing. That number grows consistently, so there are a lot of newbies joining in. It can be overwhelming, but it’s a rewarding game experience. Just keep in mind, that any social construct there is an etiquette list that people follow to create a positive gaming experience.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind, to make the experience fun for you and your teammates.

Don’t leave during a game

Away from Keyboard

Whether you disconnect from a match, or just stepped away from the keyboard for “a few minutes”, leaving your team hanging is bad form. When you sit down to play an MOBA, you have given your agreement to stay in the game from the start from to finish. Most matches take up an hour or so. That means if you don’t have anything time or attention-consuming planned for that time, you’re good to go. It’s rude and a waste of their time when you leave. Having one less character to support them against a full team is an almost guaranteed loss for your team. So, it affects them as well.

It’s a good thing that most MOBAs have an internal system that penalizes people who do this so be prepared to give it your undivided attention.

Don’t be a feeder

Don't be a feeder

Feeding is when you “feed” the enemy more gold and experience by repeatedly dying, in the process, leaving your team weaker and underpowered. If you’re a new player, you’d think that you’d be excused from that. That’s not the case; you can easily just support one of your better teammates. Just make sure that you let them know.

Always stay with your team. Never fight an enemy hero alone, they just might be bait to get you out in the open. Also, if you keep doing something, over and over again that causes your death, then change that approach.


Learn to communicate

The M in MOBA is multiplayer. So you have to work with other players to win. Effective communication can mean the difference between winning and losing. You might be too shy to speak up, so you can just type what you feel like saying until you become comfortable in using the mic. If typing while playing may be a little tricky for now, you can also use the buttons built into the game that you can use to signal and warn your teammates. As long as you try to reach out to your team, the match will be easier and more fun.

Don’t be a “Hero.”

Dont be a Hero

Confidence is a good thing, but numbers will always win. When you’re alone and you see two enemy heroes (or more) together, discretion would be the better part of valor at that point. It’s admirable to think that you can take the two on but MOBAs are a game of powers and abilities. It’s also a game of numbers, two heroes will overpower one. So instead of giving your enemy more gold and experience and having the reverse for your team, you are better off running away. And yes, this ties with the feeding concept presented earlier.

Never leave your team hanging

dont leave your teammates

Gold is hard to gather in most MOBAs. When you die, that takes a huge chunk of your gold, and you have to wait it out again. And gold is the only way to get the best items to gain an advantage against the enemy team hopefully. You will carefully avoid any possible ganks and get the amount you need.


If you have the money you need, and you see that your team is taking the other side on, don’t leave them high and dry. You might be afraid to die, so you leave them to back to your base to buy the item you wanted. That’s a bad idea. Like what we said earlier, the game is about numbers. If you leave them at an inopportune time, that might cause the rest of your team getting wiped out.

In a way, this is a form of being greedy. So, don’t be that kind of player.


Playing with the best gaming laptop means nothing if you don’t get to enjoy the game. Always look out for your enjoyment.

So when it comes to playing MOBA, look out for yourself and your team. Practice the Golden Rule. And always have fun. These are the best ways to get the most of your MOBA experience. Not just for you, but also the other players with you.

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