Glitches That Made Games More Fun

Gandhi holding a nuke in Civilization VI

Glitches can be pretty annoying, and some can even be game-breaking. Mainly bad glitches can break immersion or even make the game unfinishable. Most glitches are broken bits of code in the game that ruin your fun. But there are of course exceptions.

Now and then, some glitches can add to the fun. If you have the best gaming laptop, here are some noteworthy glitches in some of our favorite games:

The Chair Train (Lord of the Rings Online)

the Chair train from Lord of the Rings Online

If you liked the novels and the movies, Lord of the Rings Online is the game for you. Do all your favorite LOTR activities like killing orcs, smoking fantasy weed, and wandering the lands of Middle-Earth on foot or horse. Another alternative means of transportation is your rocket chair!

Thanks to this fun glitch, players figured out that they could follow one another has a train of moving chairs.

Nuke-Happy Gandhi (Civilization)

Gandhi into nuking other civilizations in the Civilization game.

Mahatma Gandhi is a figure known the world over for his adherence to nonviolent resistance in the struggle for Indian Independence from British rule. However, he’s infamous among gamers, most especially for players who have played any Civilization game.

Each world leader in the Civilization games is given personas that match their real world counterparts. Think Montezuma of the Aztecs going on an ancient era rampage, or George Washington practicing Manifest Destiny over the Iroquois. Naturally, Gandhi is a super aggressive bully armed with the most devastating weapons the world has ever seen, and he’s not afraid to use them. Why? It’s the glitch.

Gandhi was naturally assigned the lowest aggression rating among all leaders. But during the game, it causes that score to go into the negative which resets the aggression value to the highest possible. They found out about this glitch in Civilization’s incarnations, but the developers thought it too funny, and nuke-happy Gandhi has been there ever since.

Land Sharks (Crysis)

The Landsharks from Crysis

Crysis wowed us all with its stunning visuals and quasi-futuristic gameplay. In this game, you fight mysterious aliens across an island. If you swim out of the island too far, the boundaries are guarded by man-eating sharks. Where does the fun start? If you make it back to land in one piece, those sharks don’t stop chasing and will pursue you all through the jungle.

Those sharks will fly through the air with the greatest of ease and try to eat its prey. Sometimes, they can also attack in groups. Sounds fun!

The Mighty Giant’s Club (Skyrim)

The Giant bone clubs from Skyrim

Much has been said about the wonders of the land of Skyrim. With its fantastic scenery and killer draugrs, there’s never a dull moment in this winter wonderland. In your search for the mightiest weapon in the game, have you met the giants yet?

You see, those giants carry massive bone clubs that can send even the most powerful warriors flying through the sky. Ever want to wield one of those clubs? Lucky for you, some giants leave their powerful weapons just lying on the ground for you to pick up.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it yourself, but your companion sure can! If you thought to give your companion your hand-me-down daedric weapons was already the best for them, you can give your companion the giant’s club and watch them kick anyone’s (anything’s ass)!

The Suplex Machine (Resident Evil 4)

Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, you’re playing as Leon off to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. Ashley, however, is slow and defenseless. Some gamers, in their complete frustration, have left her to the zombies at least once in their play through.

At one point in the game, you have to play as her, but it isn’t so bad. If you thought Leon was a badass, Ashley has been taking zombies to Suplex City way before Brock Lesnar coined the term in the WWE. Thanks to this sweet glitch, Ashley can bear hug and suplex all those baddies into the ground. Too bad they took the move out in later releases.

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