4 PC Games with the Toughest Moral Decisions You Have to Make

Dragon Age Awakening dialogue box.
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If you’ve played any Grand Theft Auto game before, no doubt you’ve done a lot of pretty awful things to the NPCs in the game. Ran over people? Of course you did. Guns blazing into a crowd? Don’t deny it. Almost everyone does it, that’s the freedom that sandbox games like GTA can offer gamers.

However, there’s a thin line between meaningless violence without consequence and making moral choices. There are games out there that will put the fate of thousands, your friends, or family into your hands. These are games that will make you choose between equally awful options and make you grimace with shame or turn away from the screen once you make your choice.

If you have the best gaming laptop, here are the games that have the toughest moral decisions you need to make:

Dragon Age: Origins

Alistair in Dragon Age
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From the get go, Dragon Age: Origins presents you with several dialogue options with NPCs and your companions. Certain quests, and even romances with party members, are going to be based on the decisions you make.

As you make it to the game’s finale, you’re going to be presented with one of the toughest choices in the game – the fate of Teyrn Loghain. After all, that’s transpired, you decide whether Loghain, the hero of the River Dane that brought Ferelden independence, is going to live or die. Through dialogue, you discover why he let King Cailan and the Grey Wardens die.

While his decisions made sense, doing what he did leave the country divided as the Darkspawn continue their Blight. If you spare him, Loghain will join your party causing Alistair (who at this point could be your friend or lover), and if you kill him, you’d be killing a war hero. What’s it going to be?


Fighting a Big Daddy in BioShock
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BioShock is based on the objectivist philosophy espoused by Ayn Rand. Simply put, objectivism means that people should only act based on their own self-interests because their only responsibility is to achieve their personal happiness and development. With that being said, the fate of the Little Sisters is yours to make. Little Sisters are altered genetically and conditioned mentally children that retrieve ADAM from the bodies scattered around rapture; ADAM is what’s used to improve your character’s abilities.

After you battle the Big Daddies that accompany their respective Little Sisters, you can choose to rescue the Little Sisters or Harvest them for ADAM. For some, saving these poor little girls is a no-brainer, but for those keeping up with objectivism, harvesting them is the way to go because of the added perks. So what are you going to do?

Spec Ops: The Line

The Choice in Spec Ops: the Line.
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Human conflict has been around since time immemorial. War is brutal, and regardless of sides, it can leave all combatants as shells of their former selves. Spec Ops: The Line’s narrative is that of the torturous sides of the war and how it can affect the mindset of the soldiers.

Captain Martin Walker exemplifies how war can affect people. As a soldier, the power of life and death is in your hands, and that’s exactly what the game will ask you to do. At a certain part, you’re asked to shoot and kill a man who stole water (a serious offense in the desert), or the man who was supposed to capture him but killed the thief’s entire family instead. Both men are tied by their hands hanging from a bridge as you’re being watched by snipers as you try to make your choice.

Now, you can opt to just shoot the ropes of both men, but that’s just going to make the snipers kill them both. If you decide to kill one, the blood’s on your hands. Which will you choose then?

Far Cry 3

Liza from Far Cry 3 in the Ending.
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As one reviewer described it, Far Cry 3 is “Skyrim with Guns.” The open world shooter with RPG elements was certainly a good game to play with its interesting plot and tropical setting. You can go at enemies guns blazing with explosions all around, or you can take the stealth route and slit their throats.

Rich white boy Jason Brody along with his brothers and friends make the trip to the Rook Islands after a wild night in Bangkok. They have a grand time driving around in ATVs and skydiving, only to be captured by pirates afterward. Jason learns the warrior ways of the native Rakyat tribe and becomes a complete badass killer in the process.

You eventually rescue your girlfriend Liza and your friends, and you finally kill the sadistic and insane Vaas and Hoyt along the way. All is well, but Jason decides to stay on the island while his girlfriend and friends choose to leave. Once you return to your friends’ hiding spot, you discover that the Rakyat have captured them.

Now you have to make a choice, Liza is tied, and a knife is at her throat. Do you kill her and join the Rakyat or do you save your friends from this torment? After you make the choice, the game will end soon, so how do you want to leave the Rook Islands?

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