5 Games to Play While You Travel

Playing on laptop on an airplane
Source: mygaming.co.za

One of the good things about having the best gaming laptop from Sager Notebook is the mobility it can provide. Unlike our PC cousins, having a gaming laptop allows you bring your rig wherever you’re going, whether it’s for LAN parties with your buddies or for when you’re traveling around the world.

If you’re a gamer on the move, waiting in train stations or airports can be absolutely boring. But since you’ve brought your rig with you, you have a good way to pass the time. Here are five games that you should definitely have installed on your laptop the next time you travel:

Mini Metro

Minimetro gameplay of setting up subway
Source: envul.com

Most people take public transportation, but they don’t usually put much thought on how all those systems get you from point A to B. Mini Metro puts you in the shoes of a public transportation planner. Drawn from real-life cities like Paris and New York, Mini Metro will task you with planning and laying down the subway lines in the city. With this game, you can have a newfound appreciation of your daily commute.

80 Days

80 Days gameplay screenshot
Source: www.giantbomb.com

Have you ever read the novel Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne? Now you can play it. As the name implies, you have to do your circumnavigation of the world within the 80-day time limit and make it back to London. You travel around the world steampunk style — via train, ship, or your trusty robot steed.

Not your thing? Get lost in Paris instead or watch boxing matches in the Americas. There’s so much to explore in this game, so it’s the perfect adventure while you’re traveling to your destination!

Papers, Please

Papers, Please! asking for identification
Source: ign.com

If you’ve traveled outside of the US, you know that dealing with customs is the pits when you get to your destination. There’s the long lines, the unfriendly glares by security, and the multiple passport checks. But wouldn’t it be interesting if the roles were reversed?

In Papers, Please, you’re working in a Soviet-style dictatorship as a customs agent. You control who gets in, and you have to make sure that everyone has their passports and other travel documents ready. Only the right people can get in, though. Let anyone who’s not supposed to, and your family could suffer the consequences. It’s that kind of moral dilemma that makes things interesting.

Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur's Gate II gameplay
Source: pixelperfectgaming.com

Come on, why not? Baldur’s Gate II involves a lot of traveling too so take it with you! If your destination is going to take several hours or even days to reach, Baldur’s Gate II can get you playing for hours. As one of the best RPGs ever made, you’ll just be surprised how time has flown once you get to where you need to go.

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey screenshot
Source: justrpg.com

The Longest Journey is one of the most well-regarded point-and-click games out there, and when you’re on the road or in the air, having a simple game that you can play that’s as fun and engaging can really help you pass the time.

The game’s story revolves around April Ryan, an art student. She finds herself caught between inter-dimensional conflicts in the magic-filled realm of Arcadia. There are some pretty tough puzzles ahead, make sure you load the walkthrough before boarding your flight.


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