10 Fun Facts Only Gamers Will Understand

Fun Facts in Gaming
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April Fools Day might be over. But let’s still hold on to it, and enjoy some of the best fun facts and jokes that only gamers like us understand.

Extra lives are everything.

Extra lives are everything
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In video games, dying once doesn’t mean it’s already over. Just like in life, you also have chances. Thanks to the glory of extra lives, we can learn from our mistake and avoid from repeating it. Like they said, gamers don’t die, we respawn.

Great power comes at the high level.

Great power comes at the high level.
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Whatever class your character belongs to, whether you’re a magician, a warrior, or a hunter, don’t expect that you’re already powerful at the start. The plotline may state that you’re supposed to be a legend, but for that to come true, you must overcome hundreds of trials and learn new skills.

It’s not red and blue anymore. It’s health and mana.

It’s not red and blue anymore. It’s health and mana.
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When you’re a gamer, the colors red and blue takes on another meaning. In potions, bottles that contain red concoctions when consumed adds to health. While blue mixtures can increase your character’s mana or magic points, which is used to cast magic or spells.

The female video game armor logic.

The female video game armor logic
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Here’s one great example of something we usually encounter when playing MMORPG or RPG using a female character. Perhaps, it’s because great armor doesn’t mean you have to be all covered up in metal or iron plates. Maybe it also comes with sex appeal. Who knows?

Mario, the ever good guy.

Mario, the ever good guy
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We all love the little Italian plumber. Who wouldn’t? In the first place, he does everything to save Princess Peach. But aside from that, he seems to be a pretty nice guy. He even invited Bowser to Go-Karting.

MOBA competition.

MOBA competition
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If you’re a MOBA fan, I’m sure you’re not new to the constant competition between the two largest MOBA games in the world: DotA 2 and League of Legends. Oh, and let’s not forgot about HoN as well. At least, S2 Games are trying.

The Divine Rapier which you always drop.

The Divine Rapier which you always drop
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And speaking of DotA 2, damage carry heroes know the difficulty of acquiring the Divine Rapier. However, the sad part is that if an enemy unit kills you, the item will drop to the floor and can be obtained by your enemies.

So many games but so little time.

So many games but so little time
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As a gamer, you need this rare power called “time management” to be able to juggle your adult responsibilities and still be able to play all the amazing games in the market. Oh, and also include the new releases on that list.

Perhaps, The Legend of Link?

Perhaps, The Legend of Link
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As a Legend of Zelda fan, I can attest to the fact how many people often mistake Link as Zelda. Little do they know that Zelda is the Princess who Link is trying to help and save Hyrule from the Evil Ganondorf. Unfortunately, since the title is Legend of Zelda, many thought the main character is named Zelda.

Because Mom will never understand…

Because Mom will never understand…
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It’s 2017 where 4k gaming laptops already exist, but it seems that our parents can’t still get the fact that we can’t pause online games. I mean it’s not the classic Super Mario or Donkey Kong that you can pause whenever you want to. In online games, it’s either you die, or you exit the game.

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