Battlefield 1 DLC ‘They Shall Not Pass’ Revealed

Battlefield 1 DLC They Shall Not Pass

Battlefield 1 certainly took the world by storm last year when it was released. With its crisp graphics and brutal combat (exploding zeppelins, ‘nuff said), Battlefield 1 is a favorite of many and it’s about to get better with a DLC.

Battlefield 1 first ever expansion pack is titled ‘They Shall Not Pass’ and it will include new multiplayer maps, a new game mode, new artillery, and a new faction – the French Army. Clearly, EA is not resting on this game’s initial success and they’ve been working to add more content and features for players.

We’re sure you’re curious about those four new maps, so here’s what you can expect. For Verdun Heights, you’ll be fighting through swaths of forest fire stricken terrain produced by the Battle for Verdun. It will be an uphill battle towards the fortresses of Verdun, where artillery bombardment never ceases. Fort Vaux is the next map. Here players will be fighting in a dark maze of galleries and stone corridors within a fort.

The third map is Soissons in the beautiful French countryside. Historically, Soissons was the site of one of the biggest tank encounters in WWI with about 478 tanks deployed by the French, so tank battle is what you’re going to get.

The last map is Rupture, where players will be fighting in Fontenoy, where poppies are growing on rusted tank wrecks from battles past.

Now for the new game mode that you’ll surely spend hours on with your friends. Titled Frontlines, the objective of this mode is both teams will be fighting for one flag at a time and when the flag is captured, there will be a new objective. According to the game description “Capture the enemy’s HQ control point and the game turns into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be attacked or defended.”

Additionally, there’s going to be a new elite class the Trench Raider, the Siege Howitzer is going to be a new stationary weapon. There are also new tanks, the St. Chamond Assault tank and the Char 2C tank.

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