‘The Banner Saga 3’ has a Kickstarter Campaign Up!

Source: noobfeed.com

The developers at Stoic are finally going to complete the Banner Saga trilogy. How? Through Kickstarter of course! Stoic has announced that they are returning to crowdfunding to complete their masterpiece.

The norse-themed art is a wonder to behold as such the first installment made us fall in love with the style, story, and characters. The combat though, left much to be desired. The second then made enough changes to the combat system to make us fall in love with the game all over again and it had the critics raving. Overall, the feel of the first two games is what makes the game memorable with its choose your own adventure trope into a realistic atmosphere and world.

Considering that the game kept getting better, what can you expect from the third installment of the surprise RPG classic? Here’s what Stoic says:

“Banner Saga 3 concludes the tale. Steel your nerves, step forth into the approaching abyss. Cross the threshold from daylight without end into untold darkness. Warped lands within threaten your sanity, and a writhing wyrm tests your mettle. But here, in the darkness, is where secrets are brought to light and motives are made clear. Are your friends who they claim to be? They all look to you. What story will your banner tell?”

Now that’s exciting!

Stoic needs about $200,000 to help fund the development of the new game. Other than the game itself when it’s released, Stoic is going to reward your contribution with t-shirts and other game merchandise.

Games like the Banner Saga is what the indie industry is all about. Stoic’s take on the strategy RPG is an endearing tale of gamers giving a game and the developers a shot. If it’s good, people will want more. With the Banner Saga, considering Stoic’s desire to make a third installment is all the indication you need that this series is a success.

You can help make the Banner Saga trilogy complete by donating to their Kickstarter campaign today! To enjoy all three games, make sure you have the best gaming laptop from Sager Notebook ready!


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