The 10 Wonders of Steam

Steam God Gabe Newell in all his glory

Valve has birthed many wonders into the gaming world. From classics like Half-Life and Portal to contemporary games like DOTA 2, Valve has done it all and among their biggest contributions to the industry is Steam.

Steam simply put is a platform and hub from which you can buy and play all your favorite games. An application that is definitely a must have for the best gaming laptop. But how has Steam changed how gamers play and acquire new titles? Here are the 10 ways Steam has changed the video game industry:

A One Stop Shop for All Your Gamer Needs

One of Steam’s top features it’s a hub for whatever you need for your gaming pleasure. New games? Check. Updates? Check. Installation? Check. Mod? Most definitely. Even when you as you start up the program, Steam looks for updates for you. Steam also comes with its own friends list and messaging system so you can stay in touch with your gamer buddies.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a way for the gaming community to help pick new games to be released on Steam. The way this works is developers post information, videos, and screenshots about their game and seek community support to get limited distribution. Once enough feedback gets around, games get the green light for wider release.


Games on Steam on Sale

GABEN LOVES US. Daily deals, Mid-week Madness, Weekend Deals, and other sales promos like the recently concluded Winter Sale are muchawaited events wherein games are for sale from 10% – 90% off. That’s awesome.

Lower Game Prices

Even without the sales, games on Steam can still be offered at a lower price compared to physical retailers. Short, simple games that are only a few dollars, it helps better determine what a games overall value is going to be.

Game Collecting Reborn

Are you the type of Steam user that keeps on buying games whenever on sale? How many games do you have in your library? You may not notice them right now, but you’re definitely not playing all of those games, but for some reason you keep adding them. There’s something about collecting more and more games on Steam that’s so intriguing and fun.

Are you the type of Steam user that keeps on buying games whenever on sale? How many games do you have in your library? You probably don’t notice them anymore, nor play with them, but for some reason, you keep adding new games. There’s something about collecting more and more games on Steam, that’s so intriguing and fun.

Lots of Available Games

When a game is available on Steam, the digital copies of that game won’t ever run out. Unlike with traditional retailers that sell the physical disks, Steam won’t ever run out of stock of a particular title. Another bonus is the ease in which you can look for your favorite game.

The Wishlist

The Steam Wishlist

Every game available on Steam has a button on its page that allows you to put it on your wishlist. You can email your wishlist to your friends, and you can look theirs so whenever there’s a game on sale you can buy each other games!

Bringing Back the Classics

The games of yesteryear are having trouble running on newer systems. But because of Steam, that’s not going to be an issue anymore. With the digital copies of classic games released, they’ve been tweaked to be able to run on newer systems.

Indie Developers Get a Shot

Indie developers don’t run on massive budgets that allow them to mass produce CDs for release. But with Steam, Indie games are given their chance in the spotlight. The Steam Store has allowed a variety of indie titles of different genres.

Reviving the Industry

Games from the different companies on Steam

Through Valve’s on releases like DOTA 2, the company showed that PC gaming can make you feel an assortment of feelings. Valve figured out that gamers nowadays want a wide array of genres available to them. Through the Steam Store, they showcased what PC games can be.


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