6 Overlooked PC Games From 2016

Screenshot of Even the Ocean
Source: indiemegabooth.com/

So many video game titles graced our PCs in 2016. Games like Overwatch, Dishonored 2, and Dark Souls III sent shockwaves through the video game world. With so many high-profile releases last year, there a few hidden gems that you might have missed.

If you’re willing to give these titles a chance this 2017, here are six overlooked games from last year that you can try on the best gaming laptops from Sager:


Screenshot of Headlanders
Source: www.ign.com

Did you like Metroid? Well, you’d like Headlanders then. It has a 70’s inspired sci-fi feel that creates a different yet completely engaging atmosphere, pace, and tone. Another big feature of the atmosphere is the great soundtrack. The puzzles of this game together with the fantastic story with its comedic writing make the game a must-try.

Even the Ocean

Even the Ocean gameplay screenshot
Source: www.indiedb.com

If you’re a fan of platformers, you should have picked up Even the Ocean last year. From the creators of the Zelda-like Anondyne, Analgesic Productions have made it a point to focus on balance. Even the Ocean is centered on balancing the Light and Dark energy in the world along with the other factors that influence our everyday lives such as wealth and poverty

The game has a story that will be sure to rile up the philosopher in you through the various mechanics in gameplay.

Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV gameplay
Source: www.polygon.com

If you liked the first three Kentucky Route Zero installments, then you’re definitely going to like the fourth one. It builds on the excellent foundation set by the previous games. The Mark Twain influenced American river tour continues to build on the overall story and character development. All that buildup leads up to an unpredictable climax, but as always with this series, it’s always the journey is just as exciting as the destination.


Overcooked kitchen screenshot
Source: metro.co.uk/

Competitive cooking multiplayer? Overcooked it is. It’s the ready-to-play game that’s reminiscent of the games we used to play as kids. Overcooked’s gameplay consists of rushing to finish dishes in a kitchen that doubles as an obstacle course. Be it with friends, family, or even officemates, you’re definitely going to have a heated competition with Overcooked.

Mini Metro

Minimetro gameplay planning screenshot
Source: aaronmanton.com

Do you find enjoyment in making things more efficient? Ever think you can do a better job than whoever’s in charge of your city’s metro system? Look no further, your chance at being a metro manager just became possible with Mini Metro. The clean interface just makes you want to make those trains run on time until the system gets bigger. The clockwork movement of trains is something to behold.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

Quadrilateral Cowboy hacking screenshot
Source: www.highdefdigest.com/

Hacking is a quintessential movie trope, but it’s often not shown accurately. If you watched movies like the Matrix, they make hacking look like flashing screens of code jargon, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Quadrilateral Cowboy helps make the makes it more realistic. Although it’s a much more simplified way, the game makes use of gadgets in the retrofuturistic style. A puzzle game like no other that you should definitely try.

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