5 Most Jaw-Dropping Video Game Moments From 2016

battlefield 1 character faceoff
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Last year was a great year of video games with all the impressive releases and surprises. Iconic franchises elevated their titles even more while the newer games impressed with their creativity and uniqueness. Another thing we finally got a taste of is VR.

With all the excitement and hype from last year, there might have been absolutely awesome moments that you missed. Here are the five most jaw-dropping gaming moments from 2016 that you can witness on the best gaming laptops from Sager Notebooks:

Batman: Arkham VR

batman arkham VR cover
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Rocksteady did the world a solid and puts you in the place of Bruce Wayne as he dons his iconic suit piece-by-piece. From the cowl to the gadgets, each moment of this game lets you see the man behind the mask like never before. You slowly see yourself in the mirror as the Batman. A dream come true.

Battlefield 1

battlefield 1 zeppelin explosion
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The ambitious shooter that is Battlefield 1 awed as all with its amazing graphics and gritty gameplay. It epitomizes what PCs are capable of doing in this day and age. Of course, with that improved graphics come everyone’s favorite part – the explosions.

Even Michael Bay himself would be in shock and awe seeing a zeppelin burst into a ball of flame because of the intense artillery barrages. That zeppelin will crash down an unstoppable behemoth of flaming death. Simply amazing.


overwatch logo
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Do you remember your first time getting laid? Well, of course, you do! Nothing will be as memorable as that, except your first time playing Overwatch. When you get started, it can feel like riding a bike for the first time, but after your first match seeing your name in golden letters, it feels amazing. And for the coup de grace, when you watch that first replay saying you had the best play of the match. Good times.

Unchartered 4

unchartered 4 clocktower level
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Ahhh. Uncharted 4 with its open world violence and explosions, another sight to behold. One of the most memorable moments from this game is when you destroy a massive clock tower. The scenario starts when you finish a puzzle descent from the top of said clock tower. The sequence of events after you go down with the leaps and landings is a marvel to play.

World of Warcraft: Legion

world of warcraft legion illidan
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World of Warcraft: Legion is one of the best expansions released for the beloved franchise and all the hype that followed until its release wasn’t for naught. From the getgo, the opening scenario Broken Shore was a masterpiece with its impressive cinematics and gameplay.

During the scenario, twenty players battle through hordes of demons to gain a foothold on the Broken Isles. The twist was ingenious. In turns out, as you and your companions are fighting to get a foothold, the opposing team is doing the same, and in the end, both groups take turns battling the boss Krosus, the first multi-faction raid boss in WoW.

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