Deadlight – A Beautiful Deadly World Where You Must Survive

Deadlight on gaming laptops
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In the past few years, survival games set in a dystopian world have been all the rage, following the trends of movies with the same theme Hunger Games, Divergent, Interstellar, and a lot more. One of the survival dystopian games that made noise on the net was Deadlight. It was known for its classic side scrolling cinematic platform, paying homage to classics such as Prince of Persia, Flashback, and Another World.

Interested in the game? Let’s get to know more about it.


Deadlight Story
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Deadlight follows the story of a former park ranger by the name of Randall Wayne, who has to find his family after the aftermath of the 1980s zombie apocalypse. After being separated from the group whom he has joined to survive, Wayne must now set out on a journey alone, travel to Seattle and get to the “safe zone,” where he thinks his family has been waiting for him. On the way, though, he must avoid zombie hordes and a group of vigilantes calling themselves the “New Law.” As he travels across the city, he’ll begin to questions his memory of the events during the early stages of the zombie outbreak.


Deadlight Gameplay
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The game is a 2.5 sidescrolling cinematic platformer survival game where the player takes control of Randall Wayne. The character can walk, sprint, roll, crouch, jump, wall climb, move from left-to-right or right-to-left.

The gameplay primarily consists of puzzle-solving and platforming. The character must avoid the zombies called “Shadows” populating the streets of Seattle. When a situation arises where combat is unavoidable, the player can use a weapon, either a fire ax, a revolver or a shotgun. There is also a weapon called “slingshot” but is just used for problem-solving, not for combat. The character also has a thing called “taunt” where he can lure zombies to their death by calling to them and leading them into hazardous environments.

It also has hidden collectible items you can collect and help you throughout the game.


Deadlight is an adrenaline-packed game full of action and suspense. It offers a beautiful deadly where a single misstep can lead you to your death. Sharpen your surviving instinct and learn to use your environment to your advantage. Because in its apocalyptic world, only those who are strong and can adapt will survive.

The game was released in 2012 for Microsoft Windows gaming laptops and computers via Steam, and Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. In 2016, a Director’s Cut version was released. The game is developed Tequila Works, S.L. and was published by Microsoft Studios.

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