Five Things Bethesda Can Do To Revamp The Elder Scrolls Series

Dragon breathing fire at hold guard

The Elder Scrolls Series from Bethesda is one of the most renowned video game series to ever hit the market. Praised by gamers and critics alike as one of the best RPGs ever made, Bethesda has given us Skyrim Special Edition.

Originally released in 2008 as the fifth title in the Elder Scroll series, the newly released Special Edition offers gamers with better graphics, new quests, and other added content to the original game. It’s easy to see why Skyrim why players would spend hundreds of hours in the expansive world of Tamriel, but, there’s always going to be room for improvement.

With rumors of the Elders Scrolls VI being in development, here are five things we think Bethesda can work on to bring some fresh life to the Elder Scrolls Series in the next installment:

Engage the Players through Quests

Skyrim NPC at the Bannered Mare

Skyrim’s quest line might seem pretty straightforward for first timers until they realize they can skip them. The game gives you tons and tons of alternative things to do like doing side quests, dungeon crawling, or galloping across the plains of Whiterun hold. While that’s well and good, it doesn’t really draw you into the story of the game.

In the next chapter of the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda should work to make the quests more engaged into the world as a whole instead of boring them into ignoring the main story and doing side quests.

Improve the Combat System

Combat in Skyrim

When you make a new character, there are several fighting styles and builds that you can choose from. You want to go sword and shield? Go ahead. Dual-wield? By all means. But the problem with hand-to-hand combat is the lack of strategy. It’s just a perpetual whack-a-mole until the thing you’re hitting is dead on the ground. Bethesda’s got to do something about that.

No More Loading Screens

Skyrim loading screen

We don’t think loading screens are necessary whenever you come in/out of a city, building, or dungeon. With the hardware capabilities of today’s computers, Bethesda could have found a way to get rid of loading screens.

Make the Game Feel More Immersive

the elder scrolls v skyrim dragonborn gets screenshots details 11

Wait, isn’t there enough to do in Skyrim as it is? It’s not about how much you can do in the game, it’s about feeling like you’re living in that world. While you’re snooping around Saarthal or when you’re making your trip to High Hrothgar, where are all the people? Skyrim’s a big place, but if it looks like there are only about 50 people you can talk to, it sort of feels empty. Adding more NPCs to the next game wouldn’t hurt, but that’s not the only thing Bethesda can try.


Skyrim glitches

Well, duh. Get rid of the glitches. Sometimes glitches can be fun or exploitable, but often times they can be game-breakers (i.e. “Why can’t I finish this quest?”). Bethesda, make sure Elder Scrolls VI is nice and polished before you get it out there.

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