Five PC Game Trends From 2016 to Look Back On

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December’s just a sled ride away, and it’s almost time to say our fond farewells to 2016. But before we close another chapter in gaming, it’s good to look back at the trends from this year that has helped shape gaming in 2016.

Retro Soundtracks

Neon Drive gameplay

80’s nostalgia hasn’t really gone away, and it shows in video games. Even in some of the newest titles out there like GTA V, there’s still a whole in-game radio station dedicated to synthpop and the like.

Other games that came out in 2016 that prominently feature synth wave are games like Mother Russia Bleeds, Neon Drive, Master Spy, and Brigador. If you see a game cover with a mostly black and purple design, chances are it’s going to have some 80’s throwback elements in the game.

Comeback of CCG

Hearthstone card game

Trying to beat the twin towers of MOBA, League of Legends and DOTA 2, is a Herculean task that no one has seemed to do. So what did developers do? They went old school and brought back a popular genre: the collectible card game. Hearthstone, Hex: Shards of Fate, and Duelyst all offer an engaging experience.

For fans of the Elder Scrolls Series, you’ve got the Elder Scrolls: Legends to look forward to by next year. Card games aren’t what they used to be, in a good way.

Offering More than Just Cinematics

Wheels of Aurelia gameplay screenshot

Having an awesome show like a shootout, car chase, or explosions always adds something regarding cinematics to the game that makes it feel whole. But what about those slower-paced games?

In 2016, indie developers took up the cudgels and brought out Jalopy and Wheels of Aurelia. Jalopy is a first person driving game that sees you through the former Eastern Bloc, while Wheels of Aurelia is an isometric tour on the Italian coastline in the 70’s, with a touch of history and politics along the way.

First-Person Shooters Reborn

Battlefield 1 Screenshot

2016 has seen a change on how first-person shooters are presented. There’s been a shift in the direction about where the traditional FPS was set in.  Leading the charge for the rejuvenation of the genre is Battlefield 1 set in trenches of World War 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare puts you into deathmatches in space.

Japan’s Finally Into PC Games

Disgaea for PC is out

Games that usually made consoles their home have finally found their way to the PC thanks in part to Japanese developers taking advantage of Steam’s online store.

Those Japanese developers are taking their lead from the surprise success of Dragon Ball Xenoverse on the PC. There are other notable jumps from consoles to PCs. Never thought Final Fantasy would make it to the PC? Well, it’s right there on Steam now. Disgaea and God Eater have are also making PCs their new home.

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