A Skyrim Player Recreates Game of Thrones Trailer

Skyrim Game of Thrones
Photo Source: Kotaku.com

Game of Thrones Season 7 may still be months away from its release, but one Skyrim player couldn’t seem to contain his excitement and decided to recreate Season 1’s trailer using Skyrim mods. UpIsNotJump then uploaded the video on his Youtube channel on November 19, and since then has gained more than a hundred thousand views.

What makes this recreation even more impressive is that UpIsNotJump actually used the original Skyrim version instead of the recently released special edition. And as it turns out, he really did a good job. According to the video description, the video used over 260 Skyrim mods with the help of more than 300 Game of Thrones fans. He even admitted that someone has even modded Westeros into Skyrim. Sounds interesting? Let’s check the video below:

“Basically it turns out Skyrim is shockingly perfect for recreating Game of Thrones,” UpIsNotJump noted in the video description. He also mentioned that Skyrim has a broad range of Game of Thrones-esque from locations, outfits, weapons, and hairstyles that made it the perfect game to recreate the TV series trailer.

“I have managed to recreate pretty much every character from the show,” he also mentioned. “Although some of these beloved Game of Thrones characters look a bit odd when recreated in Skyrim.”

Despite this, the trailer looks utterly awesome. And we couldn’t wait for UpIsNotJump to create other trailers or perhaps some famous scenes from the series. As what he said, he is likely to do every Game of Thrones trailer as time goes on.

The trailer above is not the first from his creations, he also once did Rick and Morty and a Justice League Trailer in Fallout 4. You can check out his channel on Youtube.

Skyrim is still available on Steam for US$19.99, while its Special Edition is now available for PC, gaming laptops, XBox One and PS4 for $39.99.

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