“Paragon” Gives You a Glimpse of MOBA Gaming’s Future

Paragon on gaming laptop
Photo Source: www.epicgames.com

Imagine a multiplayer online battle arena game that provides you with the same point of view as your playable characters, and where battles are set in a 3D symmetrical map. That’s what Paragon is all about. Developed and published by Epic Games, the game has been available in its open beta state since August of this year.

So why am I hyping so much about this? Check out this gameplay trailer to see it yourself:

As you have seen in the video, Paragon offers an almost realistic battleground and gameplay for MOBA players. Like other MOBA games, it features a symmetrical map, where bases are located at the two opposite ends. The players must choose one out of the current 25 heroes, each with their own unique set of skills or abilities. These heroes have each role to represent in the game such as assassin, ranger, fighter, caster, tank, and support. Using their strengths, you and your team must destroy the core structure of their base to win the game. Players can reach the opponent’s base through pushing the three lanes in the map and destroying the defensive towers that protect their base. Outside these lanes are the jungle, where players can find monsters to attain additional resources. There are also shadow pads that can make your heroes temporarily invisible while inside.

Paragon Gameplay
Photo Source: www.playstationlifestyle.net

Paragon also features a card system unlike popular MOBA games like DotA 2 or League of Legends. Players can collect cards by killing an enemy hero or destroying an enemy tower. These cards can be used later so that players purchase upgrades for their heroes. They can even use these cards to customize them.

Paragon Heroes
Photo Source: www.gamerevolution.com

According to the game’s creative director Steve Superville, the team has been striving to create something fresh to bring to the MOBA genre. And that’s what Paragon has to offer; it puts you in the middle of the battle with direct control over your hero. Although some may see the game as an RPG-MOBA hybrid for its lifelike visuals, the game is clearly MOBA which is “brought to life with explosive action” as what its developers have said.

As of now, Paragon is still in its development. Yet, it has been receiving appraisals and good reviews from its beta version players. It is free-to-play, and you can download it on its official website page at www.epicgames.com/paragon/en-US/home. It is available for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops, as well as PlayStation 4, and the game also allows cross-platform play.

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