10 Things to Know About Overwatch New Hero, Sombra

sombra on overwatch
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Sombra is the latest hero to join Overwatch’s roster of playable characters. She is an offense hero with stealth and debilitating attacks that give her team the advantage to easily infiltrate her enemy’s base. Her hacking abilities also allow her to disrupt her opponents and turn the tides of the battle. But aside from all her techie skills, there are more to Sombra that meets the eye.

Here are ten things you might want to know about Overwatch newest hero:

  • Sombra is a 30-year old notorious hacker from Mexico.

Photo Source: playoverwatch.com

Sombra is considered as one of, if not the best hacker in the world. Aside from computer hacking, she also excels in cryptography. She is also equipped with devices that allow her hacking any machines just through touch. This includes the cybernetic graft implanted along her spine to her head.

  • Her name means “shadow” in Spanish.

According to Overwatch Gamepedia, the name “Sombra” is actually a Spanish word that translates to “shadow” or “shade.” The word came from the Latin word “umbra.”

  • She started hacking at an early age to survive.

Sombra Childhood
Photo Source: Still from Sombra Origin Story Video

Sombra is one of the many children left orphaned after the Omnic Crisis. To survive in the harsh world, she has no choice but to use her talent of hacking computers. She used any classified information to manipulate individuals and use them to her advantage.

  • Her real name isn’t Sombra, and Blizzard has no plan to reveal it to us.

As revealed in her origin story video, Sombra isn’t her real name. After stumbling into a web of global conspiracy which noticed her, she had no choice but to erase all traces of her identity including her name. And Blizzard isn’t going to give it away. If you check out her profile in Overwatch official site, her real name is hidden in blocks.

  • Sombra became a member of Los Muertos Gang.

Los Muertos Gang
Photo Source: Still from Sombra Origin Story Video

Due to her notorious hacking skills, she was noticed and taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos gang, a criminal group that poses themselves as revolutionaries who represents those left by the Mexican government after the Omnic Crisis. They distinguish themselves with phosphorescent painted of skulls and bones on their bodies.

  • She incited a popular revolution in Mexico against LumériCo.

While working with Los Muertos Gang, Sombra hacked into the website of LumériCo and posted claims that its CEO and President of Mexico, Guillermo Portero, was a corrupt, plundering the riches of Mexico. These cause the people to start a revolution against their government, which eventually led to the fall of Guillermo Portero.

  • Her name first appeared during a pre-beta stream of Overwatch.

Pre Beta Stream
Photo Source: overwatch.gamepedia.com

Sombra’s name first appeared during a pre-beta stream of Overwatch by Twitch user Ellohime. He was exploring the Dorado map and discovered three classified files in LumériCo power plant’s control room. The folders were labeled with “SOLDADO: 76 [CLASIFICADO],” and “JACK MORRISON [CLASIFICADO], and “SOMBRA [CLASIFICADO].”

  • Before she was even released, Reaper mentions her name.

When playing Reaper on Dorado, he sometimes says “Where’s Sombra when you need her?” This led many users to believe that she will be released earlier than Ana.

  • She has her own cinematic short film titled “Infiltration.”

Sombra Infiltration
Photo Source: Still from Infiltration Cinematic Short Film

Upon her release, Overwatch released a cinematic short film titled Infiltration. In the video, it shows Talon operatives Widowmaker, Reaper, and Sombra infiltrates Volskaya Industries to assassinate its CEO, Katya Volskaya. You can watch the whole video at https://youtu.be/Og5-Pm4HNlI.

  • Zarya may become Sombra’s archenemy.

Photo Source: Still from Infiltration Cinematic Short Film

After Sombra has successfully blackmailed Volskaya Industries CEO, Katya Volskaya, she called a meeting with Zarya to plan retaliation against the notorious hacker.

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