Youtube Channel Subscriptions for Dota 2 Players

dota channel subscriptions
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DotA 2 is undeniably one of the best online games to hit the market. It has proven to be most successful than its prequel DotA. And up to this date, the game continues to attract new players from around the world. From fan pages to groups, it also has taken social media by storm, mainly the famous video-sharing site, Youtube. It has actually been proven an effective avenue to show gameplays, hero spotlights, and game reviews.


Here are five of the best Youtube Channels to subscribe to if you’re a DotA 2 player.

DotaCinema – Subscribers: 1,389,814

DotaCinema has more than 1.3 million subscribers and has uploaded more than 2,000 videos to date. This channel creates videos about hero spotlights, hero guides, DotA 2 Mythbusters, and much more. It rose in popularity due to its “top plays of the week” and “fails of the week.” DotaCinema’a current playlists include the following:

  • DotA 2 Hero Movies
  • DotA 2 The International 6
  • Dota 2 Patch 6.87
  • Dual Idiot Challenge
  • Invoker’s Raging Fury,
  • Dota 2 Rampage
  • RNG Challenge
  • Dota 2 Hero Spotlights
  • Dotamon Series.

WoDotA – Subscribers: 578,504

WoDota has been active since April 2010 and has been focusing on DotA 1 material. The channel has always been loyal to the community and deserves to be followed especially by avid DotA players. Since its inception, WoDota has been known for the credibility of its contents. Its current playlists includes:

  • DotA2 Top10
  • WoDotA LegendZ
  • DotA MiX
  • DotA2 Pro Series
  • DotA2 Blondes
  • DotA2 Top10 Weekly
  • DotA Funny Time
  • DotA Top 10 Weekly

Navi.Dota2 – Subscribers: 1,201,813

Navi.Dota2 is the official Youtube channel of and started in October 2010. Na’vi or Natus Vincere is one of the world’s leading video gaming club. Currently, it has more than [1,200,000] 1.2 million and has received more than 300 million views. Its videos include DotA 2 Highlights, match reviews, movies, ESL, Matchmaking series, tricks, and DotA 2 tournaments. Oh, and they also give free giveaways for subscribers every once in awhile.

DotaPortal – Subscribers: 82,508

Dota2PortalTV joined Youtube in January 2012 and since then has gained 82,524 subscribers. Its videos consist of top plays and fails, funny videos, tutorials, and diaries. As of now, it has uploaded 902 videos. Its playlists include Invoker Club, Pudge Club, Rampage Club, DotA 2 – Very Best, Pub WTFs, Pro Gameplay, Pub Club, Parodies, and much more. The channel continues to look for potential and long-term partners to further improved their videos.

joinDota – Subscribers: 205,896

joinDota describes themselves as a broadcasting group that brings the best of DotA from around the world. It first joined Youtube in April 2011 and has gained more than 200,000 subscribers since then. It has uploaded more than 6,000 videos and has received more than 70 million views as of the moment. The channel is best known for broadcasting DotA 2 tournaments from around the world including ESL or Electronic Sports League.

Want to play DotA 2? The game is free to download on Steam for Microsoft Windows PC and gaming laptops. You can even download and play it on your Steam console.

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