7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Gaming Laptop

Sager NP9152 Notebook
Sager NP9152 Notebook

Gaming laptops need some accessories to increase their performance as they are portable, and have fewer features than gaming PCs. If you’re wondering what accessories should you buy, here is a short list of the things you probably will need one way or another.

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouse for gaming laptop
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Perhaps the most vital accessory you’ll ever need, a wireless gaming mouse makes life much easier. Just imagine playing an FPS game using your trackpad; I’m not sure if that’s even possible. But just a thing to share with you, there was once a time I tried playing League of Legends on my laptop without using a mouse. Yes, people, I had to control my champion using the trackpad. And believe me, it was the hardest challenge I have ever done in my life.

Stereo Headset

stereo headset for gaming laptop

As a gamer, sounds play a crucial role for me to enjoy playing a game. It’s a key element to know if the game is good, and adds up to the whole gaming experience as well. Although your gaming laptop has a built-in speaker, you might actually want to use a stereo headset. Most gamers like the immersion it brings to the game since it helps you clearly hear the sound design. There also some stereo headset with built-in microphones for MOBA and co-op gamers who needs it to communicate properly with their co-players.

Portable Battery Charger

portable battery charger for gaming laptop
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Gaming can quickly drain your laptop’s battery. This means that you need to play near a place where there’s an available power cord. But not anymore, thanks to portable battery chargers. Now, you can play anywhere you want without worrying as long as you have your portable charger in hand.

Portable External Hard Drive

portable external hard drive for gaming laptop
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External hard drive gives you an unimaginable amount of data to store play hundred of games without the need to install them into your laptop. You can also use it to share your games with your friends. External hard drives can easily be attached to your laptop by using a USB interface. Although, I think there are now hard drives in the market that have WiFi functionality or Bluetooth connectivity.

Lap Desk

lap desk for gaming laptop
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Lap desks otherwise known as laptop tables give gamers the perfect solution for when you want to play on your laptop on the floor or sofa. It provides a steady platform for your gaming laptop so you can easily play your favorite video game even on the bed. It also keeps your laptop’s heat off your legs.

Cooling Pad

cooling pad for gaming laptop
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Cooling pads save our gaming laptops from overheating after using it for hours. It lowers the temperature of your device, increases the airflow and heat dissipation inside the case. Most of all, it prevents your laptop’s processor to down lock or slows itself because of its temperature.

Is your gaming laptop complete with accessories? Well, if not, then perhaps it’s the right time to buy these essential accessories. Remember that the best gaming laptops deserve the best accessories.

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