The Most Important Items in DotA 2

Dota 2 champions
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DotA 2 is a known multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Valve for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux PCs and gaming laptops. If you’re new to it, and still trying to figure out the items you need to use, then here’s a simple guide to help you. Just remember that some of the items have attributes fitted for specific heroes only.

Power  Threads

power threads on dota 2

Power Threads are tough-skinned boots that players can change to meet the demands of the hero who wears it. Its attribute can be changed between Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. You can build it by buying Belt of Strength, Band of Elvenskin, or a Robe of the Magi.

Town Portal Scroll

town portal scroll on dota 2

Town Portal Scroll may be a simple item, but it is helpful especially during the early game. This useable item lets you teleport to a target friendly building. You can double click this item to transport directly to your team’s base fountain. It is what every hero needs.

Magic Stick

magic stick on dota 2

The Magic Stick can help you survive in drastic situations. It instantly restores health and mana based on the number of charges stored. It also gains a charge whenever there is an invisible enemy that uses an ability.

Blink Dagger

blink dagger on dota 2

Blink Dagger is one of the most used items in DotA 2. It can teleport you to a nearby target point. If any damage is taken, the item cannot be used for 3 seconds. According to its lore, it is a legendary dagger used by the fastest assassins.

Black King Bar

black king bar on dota 2

The Black King Bar is a powerful staff that grants immunity and 100% magic damage resistance to its wearer. Its duration and cooldown also decrease with each use. Although using this item may remove some active buffs.

Shadow Blade

shadow blade on dota 2

Known as the blade of the fallen king, Shadow Blade gives you the ability to move unseen, allowing you to strike unaware enemies. When activated, this item also gives you 20% movement speed. Attacking an enemy unit will cause the invisibility to end but will deal bonus attack damage.

Blade Mail

blade mail on dota 2

This razor sharp coat gives tanks and fighters the ability to return the damage they are taking to their hitter. Blade Mail works by reflecting any damage taken back to the enemy unit that dealt the damage. You can build it from buying Broadsword, Chainmail, and Robe of Magi.

Heart of Tarrasque

heart of tarrasque on dota 2

Heart of Tarrasque is an item used to bolster its wearer’s endurance. It restores a percentage of the hero’s max health per second. It is build from Reaver, Vitality Booster, and Recipe: Heart of Tarrasque. It is considered as a core item for heroes such as Axe, Pudge, and Anti-Mage.

Gem of True Sight


gem of true sight on dota 2

The Gem of True Sight gives it wearer the ability to see any hidden or invisible heroes, wards, or traps within its carrier’s range. It is a counter item to Shadow Blade. It is an item most used by heroes such as Riki, Slark, Mirana, Phantom Assassin, and Bounty Hunter.

Observer and Sentry Wards

observer and sentry wards on dota 2

Observer and Sentry Wards are essential items that can help your team to win the game. Observer wards are used to give you a vision of your surrounding area. Sentry wards, on the other hand, grants you the ability of True Sight to see any invisible enemies, wards, or traps.

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