Psychological Horror Games to Play on Your Gaming Laptop

psychological horror games
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We love psychological horror games because of their jump scares and frightening situations. And if you happen to be a fan, then here are five of the best psychological horror games you can download on your gaming laptop. These games are all available on Steam.

Layers of Fear

Follow the story of a deranged painter who will do anything to complete his magnum opus. Explore his Victorian mansion, solve puzzles, and discover the truth behind his madness. Witness his fears, visions, and horrors as he tries to connect the pieces that will lead him to complete his greatest masterpiece. It is one of the best psychological horror games ever made.

The Park

Enter in a creepy amusement park that hides a dark and sinister secret. The game follows the story of Lorraine, a single mother who is in search of his missing son, Callum. Little did she know that the park has been plagued by tragedy from freak accidents to grotesque killings. The Park features an intense and chilling storyline worth remembering. It also features visually stunning graphics and great sound effects to give you an unforgettable psychological horror experience.

Left Alone

Survive and learn to face your fear in this action-adventure game. Play as Ex-Militant Officer Joel Dent as he tries to find his missing friends and uncover the horrors hiding in an abandoned school. The game features an eerie high suspense atmosphere with its creepy antagonist and great jump scares. The graphics look amazing including its animations and scenery. The sound design is pretty good as well, which adds to its creepy atmosphere.


Described by as a “mindfuck game” that combines the elements of P.T. and The Stanley Parable, Asemblance is a psychological thriller game you should try. The game starts with you waking up inside an experimental machine. To escape you must face your memories from the past, some you don’t even want to remember. This game is heavily inspired by The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and the Black Mirror television series.

Joana’s Life

Joana’s Life is a well-detailed, AI populated world set in a peaceful town. As a series of death occur, strange things begin to happen. One day, you find an old mirror in your house and discover that everything else is out of place. Now, you must explore and search for clues to piece the fragments together for you to find out what’s happening around you. The game challenges you to use the mirror to see things as they are.

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