The Scariest Monsters in Video Games

scariest monsters in video games
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Monsters have always been used as antagonists on video games since the beginning. But let’s admit it; some digital creatures are scarier than others. Would you like to meet them? Here are the top 10 most frightening monsters in video games.

#10 – Mimics from Dark Souls

Mimics from Dark Souls
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Mimics are monstrous creatures from the Dark Soul series that takes the form of chests to lure greedy people. When opened by a player, the mimic will quickly grab you and chew on you, dealing immense damage.

#9 – Headcrabs from Half-Life

Headcrabs from Half-Life
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Headcrabs are strange creatures from Half-Life, known as parasitic creatures. What makes them scary are the large, jawless mouths they are hiding in their underbellies. They also like latching onto the skulls of their victims.

#8 – The Crawlers from Dead Space 2

The Crawlers from Dead Space 2
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The Crawlers are alien-infected infants with explosive sacs in their stomachs. Their head and body are twisted backward, with their explosive sac pointed upwards. Another distinct characteristic these little creatures have is their caterpillar-like movement due to their fused legs.

#7 – The Keeper from The Evil Within

The Keeper from The Evil Within
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The Keeper also known as Boxhead is a tall humanoid monster you’ll meet in The Evil Within. He looks like a terrifying butcher with a safe box for a head. He usually holds a large tenderizer hammer and a bloody sack filled with the brains of his victims.

#6 – Clickers from The Last of Us

Clickers from The Last of Us
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The Clickers are probably the most horrendous mutated humans to face in the game, The Last of Us. They appear less like a human with faces completely scarred by the fungus. These infected humanoids are also more aggressive compared to the other monsters from the game.

#5 – Gatherers from Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Gatherers from Amnesia
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Gatherers are terrifying disfigured humanoids from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They will chase you through the castle until you become insane. They are the primary enemies in the game, and are known to be former soldiers turned as monsters by  Alexander of Brennenburg.

#4 – Witch from Left 4 Dead

Witch from Left 4 Dead
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The Witch are special infected humans known for wailing. They are highly sensitive to light and can instantly kill you with one strike. They have a sinister appearance consisting of pale skin, sunken red eyes and a bloody mouth with sharp teeth.

#3 – Xenomorph from Alien: Isolation

Xenomorph from Alien
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Admit it or not, these monsters gave you nightmares. They are horrendous aliens known for their pharyngeal jaws and their voracious ability to kill. These highly aggressive predators are also great when it comes to ambushing their victims.

#2 – Regenerators from Resident Evil 4

Regenerators from Resident Evil 4
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Regenerators are bioweapons created by the Plaga. What makes these monsters scary is that they are hard to kill? As their name implies, these monsters regenerate its flesh and body parts when damaged. They also have a creepy design and has a weird breathing noise.

#1 – Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill
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Pyramid Head is an iconic monster from the Silent Hill series. It first appeared in Silent Hills 2 and was also called as “The Red Pyramid Thing.” It is best known for its girded hexagon helmet, and it’s Great Knife, which he uses to stab and swing at his victims.

Think you can handle them? If you do, then go and get your gaming laptop or consoles ready to play these games. Goodluck!

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