Overwatch: The Last Bastion, the Latest Animated Short Film

The Last Bastion short film
Photo Source: Still from Overwatch The Last Bastion Animated Short Film

One way Blizzard has promoted Overwatch is through releasing a series of animated shorts. And last August, Blizzard Entertainment has released its latest animated film, “The Last Bastion.”

The “Last Bastion” tells the origin story of no other than our favorite Omnic hero, Bastion. The film starts with a yellow bird finding a dormant Bastion in the forest, covered and foliage. Upon the bird tapping his head, Bastion awakens and finds himself alone and in the middle of nowhere. Bastion activated his system to know his location. While walking through the forest, the omnic robot befriended the yellow bird and began to get curious “about the natural world.” However, the sound of a woodpecker caused him to turn into tank mode and blast everything around him. After returning to normal, Bastion trudges onward and finds a broken omnic lying in a wide field. Bastion connected himself to the omnic to gather data and saw a vision of the battle that happened years ago. It led the omnic to turn back to battle mode and march towards the city with his gun ready. The little yellow bird then returns and convinces Bastion to turn back and return to the forest. Bastion complied and followed the bird, finding peace in nature.

overwatch Eichenwalde
Photo Source: PlayOverwatch Youtube Channel

Bastion’s origin story is connected to the new Overwatch map to be released this September. Located on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany, the Eichenwalde map features the site where one of the famous battles during the Omnic Crisis has transpired. In this hybrid map, one team must escort a battering ram inside the castle and retrieve the remains of Balderich von Adler. The opposing team, on the other hand, must do their best to protect the castle from the intruders. The map also happens to be near the site where Bastion has reawakened.

Currently, Blizzard has released five animated shorts this year, which includes stories about Winston, WidowMaker and Tracer, Genji and Hanzo, and Soldier 76. In case you missed them, here are videos of the following animated films:





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Video Source: PlayOverwatch Youtube Channel

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