Game Review: WarFrame – Win the War, Tenno!

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Warframe is a third-person shooter video game with cooperative elements set in a sci-fi world. The game is about a race of ancient warriors known as Tenno, who uses biomechanical suits, known as Warframes, to attain supernatural abilities. Developed by Digital Extremes, the game was released for Microsoft Windows on March 25, 2013. Since then, Warframe has garnered more than 26 million players worldwide.

Here’s a short overview of the game, “Warframe”:


Warframe - Plot
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Tenno are Ancient Warriors of blade and gun. Equipped with biomechanical suits known as Warframes, the Tenno were able to channel their unique abilities. And now after years of slumber, the world needs them again.

A mysterious entity named Lotus has awakened you, a Tenno, to defeat the Grineer, a race of militarized human clones who wants to take over the universe. Given with another chance to live, discover and learn the ways of the Warframes to unlock the true potential of your power.


Warframe - Gameplay
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The game lets you take control of a Tenno. Each Tenno uses “biomechanical mechas called Warframes”. These Warframes have their set of abilities, statistics, and weapons.

The abilities of the Tenno is set by what equipment you have chosen to outfit your Tenno. Thus, you must obtain and equip effective combinations of gear and mods for your Tenno. Players can also attain companions, each with their powers.

Players can attain affinity points for killing enemies and completing missions; this allows you to level up your weapons, armor, and companions. There are also weapons, Warframes, and equipment you can purchase on the market, either by using credits earned in the game or Platinum, a premium currency purchased in-game. Players are also allowed to trade gears similar to other RPG elements.


Warframe - Verdict
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Warframe is based on team play, so you need four co-players you can stick to throughout your adventure. So first and foremost, you must need to learn that you can’t survive this game alone. Second, it’s gameplay shares the basic elements of an RPG game, so it’s not that hard to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. But the three things I like the best about Warframe is its storyline, its graphics, and its feature to customize your mecha suit. These things are what makes the game unique and different from the others. It also features a fast-paced combat that lets you feel the excitement of the game. Plus, according to pro-players, Warframe provides a good community with very few toxic players.

Warframe is currently one of the most-played games available on Steam. You can download it easily on your gaming laptop or PC provided that you have a Microsoft Windows OS.

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