Legendary Studios to Adapt “Life is Strange” into a Digital TV Series

Life is Strange - Max Caufield
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It’s official, the award-winning game “Life is Strange” is being adapted into a TV series. On July 27, Legendary Studios announced that they would be working with Square Enix to develop a TV series based on the video game. According to a press release from Legendary Studios, “the project will be produced in conjunction with Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons of dj2 Entertainment.” The same guys who produced the upcoming film Sonic the Hedgehog.

Life is Strange tells the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior from Blackwell Academy. She then finds out that she can rewind time when she saved her childhood friend Chloe Price. The two soon find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber. As they went deeper solving the mystery, dark secrets have been unfolded.

Life is Strange - Max and Chloe
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The game has garnered over 75 awards including the Golden Joystick Performance of the Year, BAFTA’s Best Story, and Global Game Awards Best Original Game.

“Life is Strange is one of those rare properties that combines incredibly developed characters and storylines with deeply engaging gameplay,” said Greg Siegel, Senior Vice President of Development and Production for Legendary Digital Studios. “It lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Square Enix, DONTNOD Entertainment and dj2 to bring the world of Arcadia Bay to life in an exciting new way.”

Jon Brooke of Square Enix, said: “We’re proud and excited to be working alongside Legendary to realize a new version of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy complete with our rich cast of realistic, believable characters and memorable events.”

Life of Strange is a five episode graphic novel game from Dontnod Entertainment. The game is available on Steam for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS PC and gaming laptops.

Watch the game’s trailer below:

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