Top five games to look forward to in the second half of 2016

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The year 2016 is promising to be a great year for games. Well, at least for popular series. There are new sequels and continuations to really great games from the past. These games released their trailers already and they all look really good. Worthy of the hype and reason to buy a new PC or gaming laptop.

A lot of games have been released in the first half of the year, so what else is there to look forward to this year?

Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

The hit game from 2012 finally has a sequel. This FPS-styled stealth game showcased RPG elements, stealth gaming with multiple ways to complete missions, and all of this set in a magical steampunk 19th century Victorian style setting.

The game is back with a vengeance and set several years after the events of the original game. You can now use two different characters, the original main character and a previous story character. Both had unique skills and powers that will exponentially increase ways of accomplishing missions, similar to the core game.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

deus ex
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Another sequel of another stealthy RPG-ish action FPS game but this time, set in the future. But the similarities between this and Dishonored end there. The last Deus Ex game (Human Revolution) came out in 2011, and it surprised everyone. No one imagined that it could outshine the original game, even after a decade. It is considered to be one of the best stealth action RPGs to have been made.

It’s been five years since we last saw Adam Jensen in Human Revolution. The designers promised to retain all the elements that made the game great and built on it. But now they promise a chance to complete a “No Kill” run of the game by making boss battles optional by fulfilling certain conditions.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Arguably one of the best game series ever made is coming up with its fourth game but first in its series (having ended the first one in the last trilogy), and it’s turning out to be the most anticipated game of this year.

Not a lot of details have been released so far as Bioware is going out of their way to keep it under wraps. What is certain though is that it will be an open world system and more of a focus on exploration. Given there is so little to go on, it’s not stopping the excitement for the latest in a series of games well-known for great storytelling and gameplay.

We Happy Few


This game is getting people excited. This retrofuture FPS survival game looks amazing, and the gameplay is solid. It has light RPG, crafting, and stealth elements but the roots of it is still based on traditional survival games.

The game has 60s retro look to it and the character design is just beautiful. The creators promised a grand narrative with a strong emphasis on paranoia typical of the 60s (might as well keep everything in theme). Your character will be forced to make decisions that have moral gray areas and will influence later parts of the game.

Not bad for a game that started out as a Kickstarter campaign.

Torment: Tides of Numenera


One of the best games ever made was released 17 years ago. Planescape: Torment was loved because of its writing, the immersive dialogue, and deep story building in all the characters, especially the main character. The game is a cult classic and is still talked to about to this day.

Torment: Tides of Numenera is a spiritual sequel to that Planescape. Like the original game, the game will be story-driven. That shifts the focus of the game on interaction with the characters and the world. The item collection and hack & slash component will be in the backseat but not out of the game.

The game was successfully Kickstarted to its goal within the first six hours of the release of the pledge, reaching $4 million.


Get your PC or gaming laptops ready for these great games coming out this year.

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